PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Gets New Map & Scopes Today For Testing

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A brand-new map and scopes will be made available for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds from today. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a multiplayer game that's proven remarkably addictive thanks to its simple, Battle Royale-style concept; 100 players are dropped onto a map and have to salvage weapons and armor to survive. The last one standing wins and earns the coveted chicken dinner.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds can be tough, but its also incredibly tense and absorbing. That's one of the reasons the game is the third bestselling title ever on Steam - and one of the top 10 bestselling games period. The success of PUBG doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon either, and after seasoned players exhausted the original map, a second titled Miramar was added recently to keep things fresh.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds publisher Bluehole Studio's announced recently (via VG247) the release of new, 4x4 map for the game dubbed "Savage". This small new map is being made available early for testing purposes and will be changed as player feedback rolls in. The new map won't be available via the server either; instead, PUBG will distribute keys to a limited number of players.

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That's not the only good news because according to a tweet by Skin-Tracker, data mining for the new update reveals that new weapon attachments are incoming. New 3x and 6x scopes will be coming, in addition to a Duckbill attachment for shotguns which will increase their horizontal spread. That said, since the developers themselves haven't confirmed these new additions, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt for now.

Not Skin related but interesting aswell:

Some mentions of new attachments:

3X Scope

6X Scope (Can't be put on the M16A4)

Duckbill -> "Reduces vertical spread of bullets and increases horizontal spread" for Shotguns.

See you on Savage :)#PUBG

— Skin-Tracker (@SkinTrackerCom) April 2, 2018

This smaller map is apparently an effort by developers to make PUBG faster paced. The game's attempt at world domination stepped up a notch recently with the release of PUBG Mobile for iOS and Android. While the graphical quality and controls obviously took something of a hit, the game runs surprisingly well on mobile and drawn yet more players into PlayerUnknown's Battleground web. The game also proved to be a big hit on Xbox One despite numerous gameplay issues and player complaints.

It will be interesting to see how PUBG will develop in response to the Savage map. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gameplay has always been a mixture of patience with bursts of frenzied combat, so a map that forces players into tighter areas and forces more combat could mark a gameplay shift in future updates.

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Source: Skin-TrackerVG247

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