DCEU Joker & Harley Quinn PUBG to Rip You Off For $45

PUBG Joker Harley Quinn Rip Off

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has finally revealed the cost of its hotly anticipated crossover with the DC Universe, but the PUBG x Suicide Squad event isn't the smash hit fans of the game were hoping for. The PUBG Joker & Harley Quinn skins cost a total of $45 USD combined, which has prompted an extremely negative response from the game's community.

PUBG has already struggled with monetization problems, frequently being accused of exploitative payment models that offer too little from a content-to-cost ratio. Most recently, PUBG came under fire for its event pass system, which required an inordinate amount of time from players to complete just to unlock the items they had paid for - the pass also cost $9.99 USD and was a time sensitive item. That, coupled with locked loot boxes on an already heavily criticized progression system, has seen the reputation of PUBG's predatory microtransactions become even worse in recent months.

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Unfortunately, things don't seem to be getting any better in the land of PUBG, as Game Revolution reports the Joker skin will reportedly run players $20 while Harley Quinn is $25. That isn't even for dead-on representations of those two characters as they appear in Suicide Squad, either - the skins are costume sets, so they merely alter the player's model to look mostly like the character they've chosen. Needless to say, fans are disappointed by the high cost of the costume packs, which can be bought individually for equally unsettling prices. Fans who just want to purchase Joker's makeup, for instance, will still need to shell out $5, while Harley Quinn's bat is $3.

While PUBG's addition of the DCEU Joker & Harley Quinn skins is an obvious nod to competitor Fortnite's Infinity War event earlier this summer, there are a few differences that make PUBG's decision much more of an issue for fans. First, unlike Fortnite, which is free-to-play, PUBG costs $29.99, which means the Joker and Harley Quinn skins cost nearly as much as the full game. Second, Fortnite's crossover event happened during the summer the movie launched, while PUBG's partnership with Suicide Squad comes two years after the movie was in theatres.

Overall, it's a head-scratching decision from PUBG, especially as the game continues to lose huge swaths of its playerbase to Fortnite's more popular battle royale offering. Some of the cost can probably be attributed to licensing expenses, but for a title in desperate need of some good PR, this is yet another move that's just going to drive players away. After making a public promise to fix the issues in PUBG earlier this year, the developer has appeared to do anything but, and it seems like things are beginning to spiral out of control for a game that used to be one of the biggest in the world.

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Source: GameRevolution

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