PUBG Hits 50 Million Copies Sold... Then Immediately Goes On Sale

As PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds celebrates a milestone 50 million copies sold, the battle royale blockbuster is attempting to invite even more players to the party by hosting its first ever sale. PUGB Corp. announced that a jaw-dropping 400 million gamers are signed up across Windows PC, Xbox, Android, and iOS, with PUBG helping 87 million fans play the sprawling death match every day.

The company may be in the midst of suing biggest rival Fortnite for copyright infringement, but it hasn't stopped Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene from being able to look proudly at his creation. Shifting 50 million copies is a big step for the game, and to sweeten the deal, PUBG Corp. is slashing its price on Steam. From June 19-July 5, newcomers to PUBG's battle royale world can pick up a copy for just $19.99 (a reduction of 33%).

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In a statement posted on Steam Community, PUBG Corp. said that it is looking to the future and the game's next big sales target:

"We’re genuinely humbled by PUBG’s ongoing success and growth, and we’re incredibly optimistic about the game’s future. We’re going to keep working on new content and improvements for all versions of the game. We know there’s still so much we can do to make PUBG a better game for our players."

While it might seem odd to celebrate such a monumental sales figure by reducing the price on Steam, it makes sense when looking at those 400 million downloads. Although 50 million copies have been bought for Windows PC and Xbox, that means the other 350 million were downloaded for free on either Android or iOS.

It is still a two-horse race between PUBG and Fortnite, but with the latter's recent release on Switch and also heading for Android, the colorful Fortnite is edging ahead of PUBG's more realistic backdrop. Thankfully, PUBG has a trick up its sleeve with the new Sanhok map. Getting a game-wide release on June 22, Sanhok - a mix of the Thai word “fun” and “chicken” - will join fan-favoite maps Erangel and Miramar but add a taste of Southeast Asia. Elsewhere, PUBG confirmed it will be getting a snow-capped winter map later this year as well.

As PUBG and Fortnite continue to duke it out at the top, let's not forget that other battle royale titles are out there vying for the attention of players too. The likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V are introducing battle royale modes, so there is some stiff competition for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. For the time being though, let's let Greene and the company bask in their success of 227 million players each month and a supersized sales figure on PC and Xbox.

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Source: Steam Community

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