P.T. Camera Hack Shows Just How Scary The Game Really Was

After a hacker got ahold of the in-game camera in P.T., they discovered that players are actually always being followed throughout the demo.

PT Silent Hills Lisa

With some in-game camera manipulation, a hacker has discovered that Konami's Silent Hills demo, P.T., is actually a lot scarier for reasons that players didn't even know about. P.T. was a playable teaser demo for Konami and Hideo Kojima's canceled Silent Hills project. While the game has been dead for years now, with all those involved moving on to other projects, fans are still discovering some of the secrets the developers hid throughout the demo.

Silent Hills was to be the ninth title in the series. The game was a collaborative effort between Metal Gear Solid series creator Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Fans only ever got two trailers for the canceled project on top of the very well-received demo. Actor Norman Reedus was set to take on the lead role, but that role was never given much detail outside of the small hints that can be found throughout the demo. Players have remained fascinated in the project ever since its cancellation, even going as far as recreating and preserving the demo in whatever format possible despite pushback from Konami.

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YouTuber and hacker Lance McDonald made a terrifying discovery after tinkering with the game's camera for some time and posted it on Twitter. Players who went through P.T. might remember that the demo is filled with terrifying ambiance in the form of moving shadows, creepy sounds, and mind-bending visuals. All of these things lead up to the demo's antagonist, Lisa, eventually getting her hands on the player for a big jump scare before killing them. After McDonald unlocked the camera, he found that Lisa is following the player at all times throughout the demo.

McDonald went into greater detail on his discovery, later on, showing that the moving shadows in P.T. are Lisa's character model moving behind the player. When the player would check to see why those shadows are moving, Lisa would disappear. As the P.T. demo continues, the setting becomes more eery and it begins to feel like something is following the player. As it turns out, there is.

While the discovery is terrifying, it's also fascinating to see the design of P.T. broken down. Even after the demo was pulled from the PlayStation Store permanently, fans have been doing all they can to discover more about the canceled Silent Hills project and the secrets hidden within. McDonald has said that he has more to show players and will continue posting updates on his personal Twitter account. The best way to play P.T. right now is with a fan recreation in Unreal Engine 4 on PC that also has VR support enabled.

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Source: Lance McDonald/Twitter

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