New P.T. Anderson & Daniel Day-Lewis Movie Arrives in 2017

Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis filming There Will Be Blood

Acclaimed American filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson has been making sizable waves in the larger entertainment industry for some twenty years now. Heralded for his early work on such films as Boogie Nights from 1997 and Magnolia from 1999, the critic's darling writer/director has been the center of plenty of attention over the years, though his collaboration with Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln) in his 2007 feature There Will Be Blood is perhaps his most well known work to date.

Securing Day-Lewis an Oscar for Best Actor at the time of initial release, There Will Be Blood has since proven to be an enduring monument to contemporary filmmaking mastery. On that note, word has been going around for a while now that Anderson and Day-Lewis are hard at work on a new feature film production together - one about the world of the London fashion scene in the 1950s. As luck would have it, the movie is slated to arrive in theaters very soon.

According to Deadline, the new Anderson and Day-Lewis motion picture has been jointly picked up by Universal Pictures and Focus Features after a heated competition with Fox Searchlight Pictures. Focus will finance the film at a budget of $35 million, with production scheduled to start early next year ahead of a theatrical release date sometime in late 2017 (read: awards season). Focus will handle domestic distribution while Universal sees to its international release.

There Will Be Blood

Fans of Anderson and Lewis will no doubt be happy to hear that there is such fervent and renewed interest in a new movie from the acclaimed American director, especially considering the semi-polarizing reception received by his last film, Inherent Vice, by general audiences in 2014. Then again, the inclusion of returning collaborator Day-Lewis in front of the camera is a likely reason as to why a number of major production studios might have shown a bit more interest in Anderson's latest original script.

While an official title and synopsis for the new movie are still forthcoming, potential moviegoers likely have a lot to look forward to when the film finally sees theatrical release late next year. Day-Lewis has proved to be a more than suitable subject for Anderson in the past, and with any luck their 1950s London fashion drama will be another successful endeavor for the two longtime film industry movers and shakers.

Screen Rant will bring you more information on the latest Paul Thomas Anderson film (including, its official title) as it becomes available.

Source: Deadline

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