Psychonauts 2 Surpasses Its Crowdfunding Goal of $3.3M

Double Fine Productions reached its record crowdfunding target for Psychonauts 2, one of the largest video game crowdfunding campaigns ever.

Crowdfunded games have exploded in popularity in recent years, with Cloud Imperium's space sim Star Citizen surpassing $100 million dollars in crowdfunding last month. Double Fine Productions is perhaps the most famous in this aspect, as Broken Age was successfully financed through crowdfunding means in 2012, becoming the highest grossing Kickstarter project in its first 24 hours. The studio also used the crowdfunding platform for 2014’s Massive Chalice.

In 2014, Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity beat out Broken Age to become the highest-funded Kickstarter game at the time. However, Double Fine, and its acclaimed founder Tim Schafer, are back to breaking records, albeit away from Kickstarter. The studio revealed Psychonauts 2 at The Game Awards last month and the project has become the largest campaign on Fig, a recently launched crowdfunding platform that allows those who contribute to earn a return on their investment.

The campaign for Psychonauts 2 has currently raised $3.34 million of its $3.30 million dollar goal, the largest ever crowdfunding target goal for a video game. Initially, Fig was exclusive to potential investors who had accredited assets over $1 million dollars. That stipulation was changed last month to allow unaccredited individuals to invest as well, although a minimum funding amount of $1,000 dollars was still set. CEO of Fig Justin Bailey noted that Psychonauts 2 was already "in the top 10 highest crowdfunded video games of all time," before commenting on Double Fine’s latest success, saying:

"The Psychonauts 2 campaign is the first video game crowdfunding campaign to allow unaccredited individuals to invest in the development and publishing of a video game and share in the earnings. This is the first of many campaigns that will allow everyone to financially share in a game, making it a true community experience."

Schafer also spoke about the milestone, saying:

"We're so grateful to our backers for giving us this chance to continue the story of Raz and the Psychonauts. Knowing that they will be able to participate as investors in the game makes the whole thing feel more fair and more rewarding."

Psychonauts 2 key art

The studio put together a video thanking backers and reminding others the campaign, now a little over a month long, is still open until January 12. Schafer also promised updates and videos from the team.

Pyschonauts 2 will be the first major game using such a unique crowdfunding platform, and the question of how much investors could potentially make will be interesting to find out. Double Fine did confirm the $3.3 million dollar Fig goal is only for a portion of the overall budget for Psychonauts 2, as the developer will also get funding from an unknown external partner, in addition to putting up a "significant amount" themselves, according to Schafer.

Double Fine noted the game's final budget will be around $10 million to $13.5 million dollars, similar to the original Psychonauts. The Psychonauts 2 campaign is also similar to Broken Age as Double Fine is again partnering with 2 Player productions to create a documentary that, according to the developer, "may not mirror the style" of Broken Age's videos.

Fans and potential investors can still back the game and snag the varying reward tiers available through Fig here.

Psychonauts 2 is set to release sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Double Fine

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