Psycho-Pass Renewed for Season 3

Psycho-Pass Season 3

Psycho-Pass is probably one of the most well-known dystopian anime series around. Spanning multiple spin-offs (including novels, prequels, and video games alike), the franchise went from strength to strength until its second series, Psycho-Pass 2, proved to be a divisive move amongst fans of the original. Now, after years in the making, Psycho-Pass Season 3 has officially been announced.

It's been almost five years since Season 2 of Psycho-Pass ended, and almost four years since Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness was released. All things considered, it's been quite the wait for fans of the series; producer Akitoshi Mori first hinted at the anime being continued in 2015, but this latest announcement is the first definitive confirmation that Psycho-Pass Season 3 is actually going to be a reality.

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The official Psycho-Pass website now has a landing page advertising the third season of the highly-acclaimed anime series. Not much is known about the overall production, aside from the fact that some key players involved in the previous seasons are going to also be helming it. Director Naoyoshi Shiotani will be reprising his role after working on Psycho-Pass: The Movie. On top of that, it's also been revealed that the characters of Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov will be played by Yuuki Kagi and Yuichi Nakamura respectively. Lastly, it looks like the creator of the manga, Akira Amano, will be working on designing the characters.

Psycho Pass

While we don't know anything else about the direction of the latest season of Psycho-Pass quite yet, fans are hoping that it's going to be a return to form for the popular series. There's been a number of film and game properties since the last official season of the anime, but none of them have managed to truly capture the love of the community quite like Psycho-Pass Season 1. That being said, the star-studded cast of this most recent season could go some way to assuaging any doubts that people may have about whether or not the direction of the latest work is going to be a positive one.

With the controversy of Season 2 still reasonably fresh in everyone's minds, along with its much-maligned villain, it's not unreasonable for fans to hope that this new season will mark a new beginning. Psycho-Pass' original season was chock-full of meaningful representation, from having a strong female protagonist to a successful LGBT relationship, and it'll be interesting to see what Psycho-Pass Season 3 can bring to the table in the current climate.

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