Ever since the USA Network series Psych went off the air in March 2014, devoted fans of the show–cheekily known as Psych-os–have been calling for a revival. A Twitter account, @PsychTheMovie, was registered that same month in order to steer the campaign for more Psych. A month later in April 2014, the Twitter account @PsychRewatch was created in order to keep the fan community going strong with a weekly group viewing of an old episode. Various petitions and Facebook campaigns were also launched in order to bring the beloved series back.

Over the years, none of the cast members have shied away from wanting to return to Santa Barbara skies and revisit these zany characters. And in May 2017, USA Network finally gave the fans what they’ve been asking for all along with the announcement of a two hour Christmas movie set to air in December. In addition, there will be Psych reunion panel at San Diego Comic Con this Friday, bringing together the majority of the series’ cast for the first time in three years.

But before we look ahead to the Christmas movie and the teasers we’re sure to get out of Comic Con, let’s take a look back at some fun facts about the original series that might surprise even the most dedicated Psych-os around.

15. Dulé Hill left The West Wing to play Gus

Dule Hill as Burton Guster in the pilot episode of Psych 15 Things You Didnt Know About Psych

Before Psych began airing in the summer of 2006, the series’ co-lead Dulé Hill had previously spent six years starring as Charlie Young on the NBC political drama The West Wing. Over the course of the widely acclaimed series, Charlie’s role developed from small supporting character to central member of the extended political family. He worked as an aide to both Martin Sheen’s President Jed Bartlet and Allison Janney’s Chief of Staff C. J. Cregg. In his personal life, he developed a romance with Elisabeth Moss’ Zoey Bartlet, President Bartlet’s youngest daughter. Through his romance with Zoey and his work as the president’s aide, Jed and Charlie developed a quasi father/son relationship.

But as is the case with many family dynamics, by the beginning of season seven, Hill was ready to leave the nest. Although he returned for a few episodes of the final season of The West Wing, Hill opted not to return full time. Instead, he chose to film a new project for USA Network called Psych. The rest is pineapple-flavored history.

14. Pineapples are hidden in every episode, and it all started with an adlib

Shawn Spencer with a pineapple in Psych 15 Things You Didnt Know About Psych

Speaking of pineapples, the spiny tropical fruit quickly became an easily recognized symbol of the series. This connection, however, wasn’t one that the creator or writers planned themselves. In the filming of the pilot episode, James Roday noticed a prop pineapple sitting on set of the kitchen they were filming in. On a whim, he decided to adlib, grabbing the pineapple and asking Gus if he should “slice this up for the road” as they prepared to head off on their first investigation. The adlib worked so well in every take that they simply had to keep it in.

From there on, pineapples became an unexpected, yet integral part of the series. In almost every episode, there is at least one pineapple hidden for viewers to find. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a pineapple in a bowl of fruit, but other times, things are a lot trickier. Pineapple upside down cakes, pineapple patterned shirts, and pineapples made out of LED lights have all been featured in the series. A fan moderated website was launched with the goal of providing a complete record of the location of every pineapple.