Psych Cast Would Be Up For a Full Series Revival

James Roday and Kirsten Nelson talk about a potential Psych TV series revival on the USA Network, ahead of Psych: The Movie's release this December.

James Roday and Dule Hill in Psych

A full-fledged Psych revival may happen according to one star. The detective comedy series premiered in 2006 and quickly became one of the highest-rating shows on cable television and developed a devout cult-following. Although the show's viewership dwindled over the years, it remained one of the USA Network's most successful shows. It's still tied with the Tony Shalhoub-starring comedy series, Monk, as the longest-running series the network has ever had.

Despite going off the air in 2014, Psych is still as beloved as it was during its prime - and that's why the network commissioned a two-hour TV movie to air later this year, which will continue the story three years after the show's series finale. And with Psych: The Movie bringing everyone back into the fold - the entire main cast, plus fan-favorite guest stars and supporting characters such as Kurt Fuller's Dr. Woody Strode, Ralph Macchio's Nick Conforth, and John Cena's Ewan O'Hara - there's no better time to get the gang back together for an actual revival. According to one cast member, it may actually happen.

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When asked about a potential Psych revival, Kirsten Nelson, who plays Chief Karen Vick, told TV Guide "maybe," since series creator Steve Frank and star James Roday - who both co-wrote the TV movie - are taking the characters in new directions that they didn't do when the show was still on the air, and that could lead to more stories down the line.

"Maybe, because these characters - James and Steve made them more dimensional in this movie. They're giving them things to do that we didn't do in the first eight seasons. I mean, Gus has got a girlfriend now that out-Guses him. We meet my family. Shawn and Juliet still have got struggles."

Roday, on the other hand, was less revealing with his answers, saying talk about a potential revival is above his pay-grade. However, if that's something that the network wants to do, then he's all for it.

"If a bunch of people decide that that's what they want to do, I would certainly accept the challenge just because I will feel indebted forever to our fans. And if that's the route that they decide to take then I'm on board."

If Psych: The Movie proves to be an enormous success, it's possible that the USA Network may want to bring Psych back for another season or two. After all, while the network is currently raking in viewers thanks to their critically-acclaimed drama, Mr. Robot, they are sorely lacking in the comedy department. The only non-syndicated comedy series currently airing on the network is Playing House - and that's not exactly the poster child of comedy shows. We'll just have to wait and see what happens, but it wasn't that long ago that the idea of a Psych movie seemed far-fetched.

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Psych: The Movie premieres on the USA Network on December 7, 2017, at 8/7c.

Source: TV Guide

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