Psych: The Movie Teaser Is Full of Appropriately Outlandish Claims

Psych is back to where it belongs: on @USA_Network. Don’t miss #PsychTheMovie this December.

— Psych_USA (@Psych_USA) August 29, 2017

A new teaser has been released for Psych: The Movie. It was three years ago that the detective comedy went off the air after eight seasons on USA. The show starred James Roday as Shawn Spencer, a slacker with an amazing memory and a childhood of observational training who manages to convince the Santa Barbara police department to use him as a psychic consultant. In spite of Shawn's refusal to behave professionally, he helped solve enough cases to earn the respect of many of the cops who he teamed up with over the years.

When the series ended, most of the characters moved to San Francisco, splitting up the team. However, they are reuniting this December in a TV movie. The main cast is returning -- though Timothy Omundson, who plays Carl Lassiter, is said to have a reduced role since he is dealing with some health issues -- and many popular guest and recurring characters are also back. So far, not much is known yet about the movie's plot.

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And in a new teaser -- which aired during an episode of Raw before being released on the Psych_USA Twitter feed -- not much of the plot is actually shared. But there is still plenty for fans to get excited about.

The spot features both main characters from Psych, Shawn Spencer and his best friend Burton "Gus" Guster. Of course, since they are discussing Psych: The Movie, the USA network, the show's in-joke about pineapples, and calling the fans by their nickname of Psych-Os it would be easy to assume that actors James Roday and Dulé Hill are simply being themselves. But their behavior is classic Shawn and Gus, with Gus being the straight man to Shawn's enthusiastic storytelling.

Gus tries to stop Shawn from making his wild claims about the movie being released in theaters, in 3-D, and starring an actor who Shawn calls Bryan Goosering -- apparently he means Ryan Gosling. Gus eventually gets Shawn to listen and admit that the movie will air on the USA network, that Ryan Gosling is not involved, and that it is not in 3-D, though he doesn't quite get Shawn to take off the 3-D glasses.

While it may not feature Ryan Gosling, Psych: The Movie will include Zachary Levi as the main villain, Ralph Macchio reprising a role he played in the series, and Hill's real-life fiancée Jazmyn Simon. There are also rumors that Cary Elwes may appear as Pierre Despereaux, an art thief he played in several episodes of the series, though that is not confirmed at this time.

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Psych: The Movie premieres on the USA Network this December.

Source: Psych_USA

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