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Pysch Shaun and Gus

On nearly every episode of Psych, Dulé Hill's Burton "Gus" Guster would receive an embarrassing new nickname courtesy of his best friend and partner, Shawn Spencer (James Roday). It became almost a weekly tradition for Shawn to introduce Gus with a false - but funny - nickname that would usually earn him a frustrated look from Gus.

Psych was a detective series infused with comedy that aired on the USA Network for eight seasons. The show ended in 2014 but was followed up by a movie, with a Psych: The Movie sequel on the way. The series starred Roday and Hill as Shawn and Gus, respectively - childhood best friends who become private detectives. Shawn uses his keen observation skills and eidetic memory to solve cases for the Santa Barbara Police Department, much to the chagrin of Detective Carl Lassiter (Timothy Omundson). However, Shawn hides his true talents by pretending to be a psychic, a farce that he and Gus must keep up to avoid being prosecuted. In each episode, Shawn and Gus uses their unconventional tactics to solve a new case, usually with hilarious results.

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Shawn and Gus' methods in investigating a case followed a formula. When talking with suspects and witnesses, Shawn had a habit of introducing himself as "Shawn Spencer" and Gus with either an alias or a strange new nickname, like "Gus 'Silly Pants' Jackson", which was in one of the show's earliest episodes. How Gus would respond generally depended on the nature of the nickname. He'd look at Shawn with surprise, frustration, or embarrassment. Regardless, Gus would usually remain silent rather than correct Shawn, which is what made their introductions even more humorous. Below are all the nicknames that Shawn had for Gus in all eight seasons of Psych.

Psych TV series

  • Die Harder
  • Matt
  • Bighead Burton
  • Fingers
  • Homeskillet
  • Big Baby Burton
  • Burt the Billowy Bear
  • Curtis
  • Blackstar
  • Chocolate Columbo
  • Magic Head
  • Spellmaster
  • SuperSmeller/ SuperSniffer
  • Slicks
  • Peter Panic
  • Gus T.T. Showbiz (The Extra T is for Extra Talent)
  • Ovaltine Jenkins
  • Schoonie “U-Turn” Singleton
  • Vernest Lambert Watkins
  • Bud (from “The Cosby Show”)
  • Nick Nack
  • Bruton Gaster
  • Lavender Gooms
  • Lemongrass Gogulope
  • Squirts MacIntosh
  • Weepy Boy Santos
  • Stewart Lee
  • Mc ('tongue clicking sounds') Took
  • François
  • Galileo Humpkins
  • Gus “Silly Pants” Jackson
  • Fearless Guster
  • Shmuel Cohen
  • Methuselah Honeysuckle
  • Shutterfly Simmons
  • Paddy Simcox
  • Chesterfield McMilla
  • Felicia Fancybottom
  • Tan
  • Ernesto Agapito Garces con y a de Abelar
  • Longbranch Pennywhistle
  • Scrooge Jones
  • D’Andre Pride
  • Hummingbird Saltalamacchia
  • Wally Ali
  • Art Vandelay
  • Dequan “Smallpox” Randolph
  • Trapezius Milkington
  • Sterling Cooper
  • Burton “Oil Can” Guster
  • Hollabackatcha
  • Jazz Hands
  • Gus Brown
  • John Slade
  • Detective Miles
  • Greg
  • Doughnut Holschtein
  • Ron Davis
  • Bob Adams
  • Harry Munroe
  • Rich Fingerland
  • Black Magic
  • Cheswick
  • Shawn
  • Magic Eight Ball Head
  • Shaggy Buddy Snap
  • Ghee Buttersnaps aka “The Heater”
  • The Vault of Secrets
  • Clementine Woolysocks
  • Pinky Guscatero
  • Guts
  • Ol’ Ironside
  • Old Iron Stomach
  • John Jacob Jingley-Schmidt
  • Santonio Holmes
  • Deon Richmond
  • Gurton Buster
  • Chaz Bono
  • Chocolate Einstein
  • MC ClapYoHandz
  • Sher-Black-Lock
  • Whittlebury
  • G-Force
  • Mellowrush
  • Crankshaft
  • Sammy
  • Joey Bishop
  • Slick Fingers
  • Imhotep
  • Control Alt Delete
  • The Jackal
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
  • Donut Holestein
  • Yasmine Bleeth
  • Lodge Blackman
  • Jet Blackness
  • Mission Face
  • Radio Star (Video will kill him)
  • Gus Jay Gubta
  • “Reginald G-String AKA Crowd Pleaser”
  • Fingers
  • Cinderella

There were times when Shawn's nicknames for Gus did more than just provide brief moments of light humor. On occasion, Shawn would introduce Gus in a way that would lead them into trouble, and when this happened, it was usually Gus who suffered the most. In Psych season 1, Shawn introduced Gus as African veterinarian Dr. McTook (a name which included various tongue-clicking sounds). Due to Shawn's lie, Gus was put in a situation where he was forced to deliver a warthog baby.

These were the kinds of moments that Shawn and Gus' friendship was filled with throughout Psych's eight-season run. Shawn's ridiculous nicknames and weird, made-up stories designed to embarrass Gus were all part of the show's charm, and what made their relationship so unique to TV.

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