'Psych' Season 7, Episode 4: Arrests and Developments

First it needs to be said that "No Country for Two Old Men" would have crashed and burned in an instant were it not for the chemistry between Jeffrey Tambor and Corbin Bernsen. Even for Psych the concept of these two being pulled into such a wacky adventure is stretching the boundaries of believability but it doesn't matter because the two men play off one another so well. Bernsen, as usual, plays the straight man who is five steps beyond unhappy at Tambor's character Lloyd for hijacking him for the afternoon, while Tambor gives no indication that this is anything less than another day at the office for him.

The episode starts inanely enough with a party for Shawn (James Roday) and Jules (Maggie Lawson) to celebrate them moving in together. Shawn is convinced that Juliet's step-dad Lloyd and his dad will be the best of friends, despite the fact that Henry spends most of the party looking bored to tears by Lloyd's accountant stories. Little does he know that the lunch date he sets them up on will send them all on a wild ride down to Mexico.

Turns out, Juliet's step-dad isn't too many steps behind her bio-dad though while Frank (William Shatner) is a con-man, Lloyd is trying to pay off his gambling debts. All he has to do is make one last payment and he's in the clear, but the payment is to be made to Mexican mob man Pablo Nunez (Tony Plana) and little does Lloyd realize that the Mexican police want Nunez for their own purposes; namely the US engraving plates Nunez has. Henry, dragged along for the ride because he offered to do Lloyd a favor, ends up being shot at, chased down, arrested, kidnapped, invited to a fiesta at gunpoint, then forced to dig his own grave.

Along the way the writers drop a trail of in-jokes for viewers to enjoy. There's Shawn's combo name, "Shules" for himself and Juliet which has been an Internet favorite among fans for years now, as well as a return of the theme song in Spanish. Next is Lloyd's inexperience in landing a plane, which is more Indiana Jones than No Country for Old Men. The writers also give a nod to Henry's speedy recovery from being shot at point-blank range, and watching Shawn murder the Spanish language is hilarious given that James Roday is fluent.

 The other running theme in this story is Gus' new status as a "family man." One minute he is espousing the virtues of parenthood and waxing eloquently about how fast the time flies despite the fact he and Rachael (Parminder Nagra) have only been together for a week. Next minute, he's gleefully taking off to Mexico with Shawn and Juliet because he feels like the walls of domesticity are closing in. It's all for naught, however, because after he spills his guts to Rachael and finally decides he's ready to be a dad she tells him that she hasn't let Maximus (Mateen Devji) in on the fact that Gus is anything more than the guy helping his mom around the house. Looks like there are a few more honesty issues for the new couple to work through.

Meanwhile, with the 99th episode now behind them, all eyes are looking forward to next week's "100 Clues" to celebrate the century mark. Shawn and Gus are off to a mysterious mansion and all sorts of Clue-inspired hijinks ensue. What sets this episode apart is that it will be the viewers who determine the end of the episode via a live vote sponsored by USA Network and Dunkin' Donuts. For the preview trailer and more information on how to vote as the week unfurls head to the official Psych homepage.


Psych airs Wednesdays @10 on USA.

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