Host Your Own 'Psych' Season 6 Premiere Party - Winner!

Psych Season 6 Premiere Conest

Thanks to all the Psych fans who entered! It was an extremely difficult decision, but the winner of the Psych contest is:

Sara Unrein - Durham, NC (you can read her wonderful entry on "page 1" of the comments)

Congratulations to the winner – and keep an eye out… we always have another contest right around the corner!


What better way to celebrate the Psych season 6 premiere on Wednesday, October 12, in which Shawn faces off against Lassie and a lie detector test, than to throw your own premiere party for you and your friends! Answer? There’s nothing better.

No, not even puppies.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any friends (sad, right?)… but we bet you do! Nevertheless, our loss is your gain. USA is providing Screen Rant with an AMAZING prize package to give to you – it’s like a reverse donation, but without all the tax benefits.

How awesome, you ask? Well, it’s as awesome as taking Rainbow Brite, throwing away her stupid horse, replacing it with Falcore from The Neverending Story, making Falcore play an arcade game until he becomes The Last Starfighter (Centauri!), mixing in Ren & Stimpy (it’s because I like that Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy song), and throwing a pineapple on top.

You know what? We lied! This prize pack is better than all of that. Why? Because it’s REAL (spoilers – sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin anything for you).

Don’t believe me? Check out what we’re giving away below:

Psych Prize Pack


  • 6  Psych Snuggies (with a shame pocket – you know you’re going to put a drink in there)
  • 6 Psych Wristbands
  • 6 Psych Pineapple Pillows
  • 1 set of Psych Pineapple Lights
  • A few Wall Clings (we say a few because who knows how many the delivery guy is going to steal – these things are like gold!)
  • 1 set of Psych Seasons 1-5 on DVD (you can keep these for yourself or barter with your friends to make them do stupid things – and then post it on Twitter and Facebook)


Psych season 6 premieres Wednesday @10pm on USA

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