Gus & Shawn Reteam In First Psych: The Movie Images

New images have arrived for Psych: The Movie, teasing the return of Shawn and Gus. After eight seasons on USA, Psych ended its run as an absurdist crime procedural. Though never a huge hit, the series would predate the genre-homaging of Community and the perception-as-superpower of The Mentalist years before both shows arrived. Thanks to the dynamic between its stars and often surrealist humor, the series amassed a dedicated audience eager for more once the show had ended. Luckily, word broke earlier this year that the series will return as a TV movie set to air next month.

Following the news of Psych: The Movie, we learned that Zachary Levi - recently cast as the lead in Shazam! - will serve as the chief antagonist. Dubbed The Thin White Duke, itself an homage to David Bowie, he'll offer Shawn and Gus a reason to re-team with the Santa Barbara Police Department for one last case. This summer, we got our first look at much of the returning cast of Psych: The Movie alongside new details about the film. Now, a whole batch of photos have arrived featuring the characters.

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USA released a series of new images from Psych: The Movie, teasing scenes from the upcoming film. We see several shots of Shawn and Gus back together, plus a tease of at least one ridiculous disguise the former will attempt to pull off.

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Along with Gus and Shawn, we can see Chief Vick squaring off against Levi's villain. The actor more than proved his comedic abilities on the similar Chuck for a number of years, so his return to the genre will be exciting. It will also be interesting to see him tackle an outright villain before becoming a hero once again in Shazam!

The photos also give us our first look at Gus together with his new love interest, Jazmyn Simon's Selene. Gus has always had a rocky relationship history, but it sounds as if he may have found a soulmate from what we've heard. Simon will be one of many new characters, alongside returning Psych favorites like Ralph Macchio.

Psych may not be coming back as a series, but Psych: The Movie already promises to be exactly what fans have come to expect from the show. The lead-up to the film has seen stars James Roday and Dulé Hill promoting the show's signature '80s references and hidden pineapples, along with tons of inside jokes and catch phrases. For long-time fans of the series, it's a safe bet that the movie will feature much of the same.

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Psych: The Movie will air December 7 on USA.

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