Psych: The Movie 2 Stars Promise A Gussier Sequel In Announcement Video

James Roday and Dule Hill in Psych The Movie

Shawn and Gus will be coming back for Psych: The Movie 2 this holiday season on USA, according to a new announcement video. James Roday and Dulé Hill delivered the news in as only they can, by breaking character while still showing off their remarkable chemistry, teasing fans — or Psych-os, as they’re lovingly referred to — with a welcome sequel to the Psych: The Movie, which set a template for TV revivals by delivering a fun and fast-paced sequel to one of USA’s most popular and longest-running original series. 

Psych: The Movie hit just a few years after the series ended its eight-season run, and it caught audiences up with what Shawn and Gus had been up to since the series faded to black in 2014. Aside from getting fans up to speed on their personal lives, the movie also presented them with a case worthy of reigniting the Psych Detective Agency — and therefore the franchise itself. And with the announcement that the sequel will be coming later this year, it stands to reason that if Psych: The Movie 2 can live up to its predecessor, USA could be looking at a new Psych flick every few years.

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Though the announcement video doesn’t show any footage from the new movie, it doesn’t really have to. The primary reason why anyone would want to tune in for more Psych is Roday and Hill and their high energy banter. That banter this time teases new and improved guest stars, as well as some of the “old tired ones,” and of course a murder mystery that’s sure to compel Shawn and Gus to once again put on their investigative hats. Check out the announcement video below:

Psych: The Movie ended with something of a cliffhanger, as John Cena’s Ewan O’Hara showed up at the very end, leading to an explosive conclusion that will hopefully be followed up on in the sequel. As for what else the story has in store, well, fans will have to wait until a proper trailer is released (or they can just wait for the movie to premiere) to learn more. Hopefully, that trailer will deliver on the new guest stars the sequel has lined up, just to get Psych-Os more excited. 

With that, it looks as though USA has a solid made-for-TV-movie franchise on its hands, one that will easily work with Roday and Hill’s schedules outside of their work on A Million Little Things and Suits. 

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Psych: The Movie 2 will premiere later this year on USA. 

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