This PSN Avatar Costs $100 (And That's Not Okay With Players)

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A PlayStation Network avatar based on State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem is currently selling on the PlayStation Store for an unprecedented $99.99 USD.

The Golden Prince avatar is currently the most expensive avatar on the PS Store; the next priciest on the list is the Luxurious Life avatar, which sells for $19.99. It actually costs more than the full State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem game itself, which is currently available for just $7.99 on the PS Store. That is less than 10 percent of the going rate for the avatar.

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Wario64 on Twitter called attention to the PSN's Golden Prince, which isn't among the litany of other State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem-inspired avatars listed on the game's page on the PS Store. However, it can be accessed via a manual search of all of the PSN's avatars. It's unclear whether the exorbitant fee for the Golden Prince avatar, which was made available on the PS Store on November 1, was the intended price or the result of some kind of error. Avatars are typically among the most affordable items available for purchase on the PS Store, with some selling for as little as $0.49. There are also a large number of free avatars available, including many inspired by popular titles. After Wario64 made the discovery and tweeted a screenshot of the PS Store listing for the avatar, hundreds of gamers responded with a mixture of anger, befuddlement, and jokes about the curiously-priced avatar.

State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem was originally released for PC in 2017 and was ported to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch last year. The game is a throwback to the 'bullet-hell' shoot 'em-ups that were popular in the 1980s and '90s. It has an irreverent art style that gives it a quirky feel and contemporary spin. Developed by Lapovich, State of Anarchy puts players in control of an ordinary citizen tasked with cleaning up a small town besieged by an alien invasion and human rioters.

To say that a simple avatar being priced at nearly $100 is outside the norm for the PS Store or any other platform would be an understatement. Whether that price point was intended as a prank by Sony or State of Anarchy's developers, was set in error, or is a vehicle for making the avatar some kind of status symbol for players, the fact that the Golden Prince continues to be sold for such an egregious amount of money is clearly not okay with many fans.

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Source: PSN (via Wario64)

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