PS5 Patent Is Most Promising Hint At Backward Compatibility Yet

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Backwards compatibility for the Playstation 5 is closer to becoming a reality. The PS5 could potentially be introducing this feature if it's true that the patent filed by Mark Cerny and David Simpson can come into fruition.

Mark Cerny is the lead architect for the PS4, while David Simpson is Naughty Dog's project manager, and the patent filed was on the behalf of Sony Interactive Entertainment. The patent itself is called "Backward compatibility by algorithm matching, disabling features or throttling performance," which can be summed up as the patent being described as Sony's idea of emulation with a new CPU or processor. This would, in effect, replicate the performance of an older console system. What the core of this concept does is allow access to previous generations of Playstation games without having an older CPU being integrated into the process. When launching a game, there will be no need to launch a PS4 and a PS5 chip together; instead, the new device that is theoretically in the pipeline of creation would be able to figure what the game you placed in came from.

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It's being reported by GamesRadar that if this were to actually be created, Sony would essentially be extending the lifespan of prior games on previous platforms. An example of this would be dusting off an old copy of something like Spider: The Video Game from the original PlayStation and playing it on the PS5. This new system would recognize that Spider: The Video Game was a game that was originally created for the purpose of being played on the first generation of the console, and thus it would enable features of disable features accordingly.

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This also contradicts prior reporting that Sony wants to be "Remastering by Emulation," which was included in an earlier patent by the company. This was assumed to be very much similar to the Xbox One X Enhanced features, which provided 4K quality resolution video games. This is, of course, all theoretical at the moment, but being able to navigate the features of the hardware, depending on whatever the game supports, would also coincide with matching the latency of said original platform.

What this news means for the future of the platform is that fans of prior generations would have alternative means to play their favorite video games. The Playstation Store for the current console is an excellent feature that allows gamers to purchase incredible deals for remastered versions of older games that were released on earlier consoles; but the downside of the Playstation Store is the limitations it holds on the amount of games available to download. So, if this news were to eventually become a reality, it would open up a plethora of possibilities to gamers everywhere.

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Source: GamesRadar

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