• The PlayStation 5 SSD might be responsible for a major breakthrough in gaming. 1 / 8

    PlayStation Loading Screen Vertical
  • According to a Sony spokesperson, the vision for the PS5... 2 / 8

    PS4 Hard Drive Vertical
  • to completely make loading screens a thing of the past. 3 / 8

    Sony Logo Vertical
  • This might be made possible by the ground-breaking SSD in the PS5. 4 / 8

    Sony Processing Chip Vertical
  • PS5 architect Mark Cerny previously stated that the SSD was more powerful than its PC equivalents. 5 / 8

    Sony PlayStation Logo Vertical
  • That would be a first for consoles, and could make the PS5 a legitimate threat to PC platform gaming. 6 / 8

    PS4 Logo - Vertical
  • With no Sony E3 2019 presence this year, it's unclear when we'll learn more about the next-gen console. 7 / 8

    PS4 PlayStation Background Vertical
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