Sony Wants PS5 to Make Loading Screens A Thing of The Past

Sony PS5 Loading Screens

The PlayStation 5 has some lofty goals, and according to a Sony spokesperson, one of them is to make PS5 loading screens a thing of the past. Most of the discussion surrounding Sony's next-gen console has been concerned with the device's tech specifications, partially because the company tagged the PS5's SSD as something that would revolutionize the way developers, consumers, and hardware manufacturers look at building a console.

It's not just Sony heralding the arrival of some game-changing tech, either. The CEO of AMD recently went on record as saying that the console's new chip will be part of the PS5 special sauce. That term, beyond being an amusing way to describe what could realistically become the most powerful console ever released, has fans excited about the overall design of the PS5. If PS5 loading screens are essentially non-existent, that's even more reason for consumers to give Sony's next-gen console a try despite new services like Google Stadia's streaming platform, and the traditionally more powerful PC gaming platform, offering compelling reasons for gamers to jump ship.

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A Sony spokesperson added further fuel to the fire that the console would be something special when they were interviewed by Official PlayStation Magazine. According to the spokesperson, the SSD that PS5 architect Mark Cerny had suggested could help load data over 15 times faster than the PS4 Pro is a key part of the company's next-gen vision. Here's what they had to say about the potential for PS5 loading screens to be a thing of the past:

"An ultra-high-speed SSD is the key to our next generation. Our vision is to make loading screens a thing of the past, enabling creators to build new and unique gameplay experiences."

PS5 Price Appealing

It's interesting to see Sony lean so hard on the applications of its console's SSD, since the speed of a hard drive traditionally isn't as important as other elements like the console's GPU. Still, if the SSD is a key factor in eliminating PS5 loading screens, then it makes sense for Sony to prop it up as a major selling point — speed is becoming an increasingly big priority with the advent of streaming platforms that could eliminate loading screens from games altogether, and it's also an easy point of entry to discuss for those unfamiliar with console gaming.

By all accounts, it sounds like Sony is taking a run at becoming the de facto best console offering in a market that has seen some shifts lately. With Nintendo occupying a more hybrid role in the console landscape, and Microsoft apparently looking to get involved in more collaborative streaming efforts, Sony might have already established itself as the next-gen's most important console producer, too. That won't be conclusive until consumers get their hands on a PS5 — and if, in fact, those PS5 loadings screens are a thing of the past after all — but it's certainly looking good for the company heading into E3 2019, which is doubly important given Sony's absence from the proceedings this year.

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Source: Official PlayStation Magazine (via WCCF Tech)

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