Tomorrow's PS4 Update Adds PC Remote Play, New Social Features

The latest gaming generation could see a radical change in the way that consoles are updated and improved. There has been numerous rumors, inside reports, and plenty of speculation that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One could welcome new versions of each console in the relative near future. With a labelled PS4K possibly adding more processing power to deal with new technology like PlayStation VR and UHD media.

It may be a while before anything like that will actually make its way onto the shelves though and in the meantime, Sony is going to carry on improving players’ experience with the PS4 through system software updates. The latest, version 3.50, codenamed MUSASHI will be available from tomorrow and more details of the major enhancements have been revealed.

The biggest new feature that will be available is remote play for PC and Mac. Compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 10, OS X 10.10 and OS X 10.11 operating systems, you will be able to select from a variation of resolution and frame rate options depending which will work best with your internet connection quality. PC/Mac remote play should allow players to hook up to a better second screen than the PS Vita offers and a PS4 controller will need to be plugged into the PC or Mac using a USB cable. Fans have already started having fun with the anticipation of this change, claiming that technically Bloodborne is coming to PC. Once the update is live, the Remote Play Installer can be downloaded here.

A number of social features are also being added. For those who prefer single-player experiences on their PS4 without being bombarded by invites for deathmatches, users now have the option to ensure their gaming sessions are not disturbed. A new online status option is being added to the Profile tab and you will be able to finally choose to ‘Appear Offline’. You can also choose to appear offline each time you log-in or any other time by holding down the PS button on the DualShock 4 controller.

Another feature focuses on the exact opposite of that approach so you will always know when your ideal squad mate is ready to roll. Go on to one of your friends’ profiles, select options and you will be able to select to be notified as soon as they come online. Players will also be able to start scheduling gameplay sessions as events with their friends. Just go to the Events tab, select ‘Create Event’ and make choose a day, time, the game you want to play and send the invitation off to your selected friends. When the event starts, those that accepted the invitation will instantly be added to a party. These events will also be able to be shared in groups or communities that you may be a part of, where other members will also be able to join. With so many gaming communities around and games focusing on online play like Destiny and The Division, it should be easier than ever to find others to play with (or against).

The PlayStation App is also receiving an update that will bring User Scheduled Events, user scheduled gameplay sessions with friends, Dailymotion being added to the 'Live from PlayStation' section as well as other players’ shared activities appearing alongside your own.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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Tomorrow's PS4 Update Adds PC Remote Play, New Social Features