New PS4 Update Could Add Game Gifting, Trophy Progression

PlayStation 4 users may eventually be able to digitally purchase games as gifts, view trophy progression, and more if a recent rumor is to be believed. If accurate, the PlayStation 4 will soon welcome a slew of significant quality of life features, several of which have been available on other platforms.

With Sony skipping E3 2019 entirely, the announcements of much-requested PS4 features likely wouldn’t come until after the event. Sony has recently made plenty of big moves that we do know to be true in the meantime. The company announced a landmark collaboration with Microsoft to develop new cloud gaming technology and PlayStation 4 Remote Play was introduced to iOS, giving those users the ability to play Sony games on iPad or iPhone. EA Access arrived to PS4 after Sony famously shunned the service years prior. But, exciting as those events are, this latest news might act as a long-awaited cherry on top.

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According to Wccftech, gaming YouTuber Tidux shared a tweet listing the supposed features of the yet-to-be-announced firmware update. Tidux’s source is unknown, though the Swedish personality is apparently a known industry insider. If his info proves correct, players will finally be able to buy digital games as gifts, a feature currently offered on Steam and Xbox One. An impending game wishlist is also mentioned, which can only be assumed to mean a list that’s accessible through the console itself. After all, the web version of the PlayStation Store has long featured a wishlist that, for whatever reason, is not present on its PS4 counterpart.

A timelog would display the amount of time spent playing individual titles. Trophy progression, a staple feature of Xbox achievements, would presumably allow players to see the percentage left to complete to earn trophies; and the ability to pin specific trophies to chase would compliment this feature. It’s important to reiterate that none of this has been confirmed as fact and, thus, should be taken with several grains of salt. However, these moves would help iron out the PlayStation 4’s remaining wrinkles as Sony shifts gears towards constructing the big features for its next platform.

Hopefully, Sony will soon clarify if the supposed update is real or not because everything listed would be much welcomed. It’s always been baffling why wishlists exists on one version of the PlayStation Store, but not the other. Trophy progression has been a small, but significant advantage that's kept Xbox achievements a step ahead of Sony’s, and Switch owners can likely attest that timelogs are surprisingly fun stats to check out. Given that Sony very recently released its second State of Play video without mention of a firmware update, perhaps they’ll save this announcement for the next one - if this information is real, of course.

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Source: Wccftech

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