Is Sony's PS4 Spider-Man Game Releasing in 2017?

No More Spider-Man PS4 News This Year

During last year's jam-packed E3 Games conference, Insomniac Games managed to make yet another noticeable splash upon the gaming community with the first trailer for their brand new Spider-Man PS4 video game. That excitement has since turned to confusion after a Reddit user noticed Marvel vice president and executive editor of digital media Ryan Pengagos casually mention during a Marvel live stream that Spider-Man would be released sometime in 2017. However, Insomniac was quick to come out against those claims on their official Twitter feed, responding to a user by saying that "No release timeframe has been announced," much to the chagrin of Spider-Man fans everywhere.

Featuring the best graphics of any Spider-Man game to date, with some of the most interesting and entertaining action sequences as well, the announcement of the Spider-Man Ps4 game has left many Marvel and Insomniac fans desperately waiting to see and hear more. Unfortunately, the time since that first trailer's debut has been strangely hard to follow and confusing for anyone who's been willing to pay attention.

Neither Insomniac nor Marvel have been particularly forthcoming with details on a possible release date, with the former coming forward near the end of last year to warn fans it may be quite some time before the newest addition to the Spider-Man video game franchise actually hits shelves.

Spider-Man swinging around NYC in the Spider-Man PS4 trailer

This news only continues to follow in the footsteps of Insomniac's previous comments regarding Spider-Man, with the studio time and time again stating that they did not know for sure when the game would be completed or released. After emerging as one of the most exciting and sought after game studios in the industry right now, it's not hard to understand why the studio is hesitant to release anything until they believe its as good and perfect as they can possibly make it. But at the same time, the constant delays and lack of updates only make fans worry about possible development issues or disagreements behind the scenes.

So when exactly Spider-Man will be released continues to be a mystery, even as the character's future on the live-action film side only continues to be increasingly more exciting with each new announcement and project. Considering it will also be one of the biggest Marvel game releases in quite some time -- even if it's not connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- there's an understandably high level of anticipation surrounding this PS4 Spider-Man game. Especially since it will have to live up standards set by some of the previous Spider-Man video games, which many consider to be some of the best comic book video games of all time.

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