PS4 God of War Game Will Take 25-35 Hours to Complete

God of War - Kratos and son

The next God of War game will see players spend much more time with Kratos than usual, due to its extended playtime. Excitement for God of War on PS4 has been heating up, as the game's early 2018 release gets nearer and nearer, and fans have even had an up close and personal look at the title's gameplay, alongside the chance to hear new Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge in action.

Of course, God of War on PS4 is aiming to be a very different experience from the previous games in the series, in particular due to the addition of Kratos' son Atreus. Rather than the traditional God of War rollercoaster of violence, the next title in the series will instead partly focus on the relationship of Kratos and Atreus, although there's going to be plenty of action along the way.

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Players will also notice a rather significant change in the hours it takes to complete the game. Per Gamespot, God of War PS4 will apparently take 25-35 hours to beat, a somewhat large jump from the 10 or so hours that most gamers experienced when it came to God of War 3.

The confirmation of God of War PS4's playtime came from creative director Cory Barlog. Speaking during the opening presentation of PSX 2017, Barlog explained that there will be considerably more content than the previous games in the series, with much more of a focus on exploration than the original mainline God of War trilogy. The creative director revealed that the game will have various different paths that gamers can take, and advised players to think of the game as a "tour bus."

Something that will help with regards to this tour bus feel is the way in which God of War PS4 is framed. Unlike the other God of War games, the PS4 iteration will have zero camera cuts, with the player following Kratos throughout. Ideally, this will make the entire game that much more immersive and engaging for players, particularly given the more intimate story being told this time around.

Making so many departures from the expectations for God of War is certainly a bold move, especially since Kratos is taking on a whole new pantheon of gods. At the very least, its extended playtime will give players plenty of time to get used to all of these changes. Here's hoping that the game proves to be a success.

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God of War PS4 still has no official release date, but is expected to arrive in 2018.

Source: Gamespot

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