Don't Worry, There Are Unannounced PS4 Exclusives Coming

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2018 may unofficially have been dubbed the year of the PlayStation exclusive, but there's good news as Sony promises more unannounced games are coming to the PlayStation 4 before it bows out to make way for the next generation of consoles.

Up there with Bethesda's well-received E3 presentation, Sony showed off some beautiful gameplay from its upcoming exclusives. Audiences were so impressed by the footage from Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II, it even led to Eidos Montreal's studio head branding it "fake." There was one slight niggle though. While Bethesda teased fans will more Wolfenstein, another DOOM, and the long-awaited Starfield, some were left begging for news of more PS4 exclusives.

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The lack of original Sony content to take the company through to the PS4's twilight years has been picked up by critics and the question was raised to Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida. In an interview with Jagat Review, Yoshida confirmed that developers have been quietly working behind the scenes:

"In terms of if there are any unannounced PS4 titles in development, yes, there are. I can’t talk about when we’ll announce, but there are new titles.”

It makes sense that a company that is doing so well at the moment hasn't simply packed up shop and turned all its attention to its next console. That being said, with several of the already announced PS4 exclusives still without a release date, gamers will undoubtedly be asking when these mysterious new additions will step into the spotlight.

PS4 exclusives

Looking at the lengthy development process of The Last of Us Part II,  the game was announced back in 2016 and is still yet to get a release date. Importantly, Yoshida's promise of more PS4 exclusives only adds fuel to the fire that the PS5 will be backward compatible. Sony has already said that the current generation of PlayStation is nearing the end of the life cycle, so it wouldn't make sense to release games so close to the end, only to have them scrapped almost immediately.

Only recently, God of War's Cory Barlog spoke about the challenges of bringing the next Kratos-centric game to the PlayStation 5, sparking speculation that God of War 5 might just make it onto the PS4. E3 may have left some disappointed when it came to shock announcements from Sony, but Yoshida aims to make up for that outside the mad dash to grab headlines at the expo. Just as Deadpool 2 saved its trailer for after the Super Bowl, Sony seems to be waiting until all the gaming hype has died down. If Death Stranding ever makes it to a release date, it won't be the only game for players to get excited about in the PS4's roster of swansong titles.

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Source: Jagat Review

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