PlayStation CEO Says PS4 is Coming to the End of Its Life Cycle

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It sounds like Sony is looking to the future, as the company CEO confirms the PlayStation 4 is coming toward the end of its life cycle.

First hitting shelves in 2014, the PS4 sits in the eighth generation of consoles, and has gone on to be one of the biggest success stories for Sony. Showcasing stellar games like Grand Theft Auto V, Uncharted 4, and Horizon: Zero Dawn, players have some fond memories when it comes to the PS4. That being said, as Sony plans to move ahead, efforts will be focused elsewhere.

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Reported by Wall Street Journal writer Takashi Mochizuki on Twitter, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera is preparing to lower the curtain on the PS4.

Kodera told audiences at Sony's annual Investor Relations Day that he can't expect unit sales to increase year-on-year, so time would be better spent looking at other avenues while also continuing to reap the benefit of services like PS+. With consoles typically running in 7-year cycles, it makes perfect sense that the PS4 has started looking at its endgame. It isn't all doom and gloom though, with Sony still outlining an impressive sales target to shift 16 million consoles in the current fiscal year compared to 19 million from the last. Sadly, the still-growing Sony VR department has failed to live up to market expectations, meaning that the company is reevaluating where its priorities lie there as well. Instead of seeing the negativity in the news, Kodera was likely trying to explain why the PS4 is projecting a drop in sales.

Given that Sony is on for a bumper year with exclusives like God of War and Insomniac's Spider-Man, the immediate future is also pretty rosy thanks to The Last of Us Part II and the long-awaited Death Stranding. Even if the console is heading into its twilight, at least the PS4 will be going out with a bang. Importantly, the news should come as no surprise considering that in 2015, the then-CEO of the PlayStation division already labeled the console as being in its "harvest period," a time when money is cut and a company tries to earn as much revenue as possible.

As for what comes next, gamers are already looking forward to the PlayStation 5. With some interesting hardware leaks suggesting something supercharged to rival Microsoft's next big offering, everyone has already been warned not to expect the next generation of next-gen consoles this side of 2020. There's still life in the old dog yet as the PS4 Pro continues to go head-to-head with rivals the Xbox One X and the Nintendo Switch. No matter what, the PlayStation 4 is set to continue being a staple of the video game market for a few more years to come.

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Source: Takashi Mochizuki

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