Here Are PS Plus’ FREE Games For June 2018

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The free PlayStation Plus games for June 2018 have been unveiled and they include Firaxis Games' critically acclaimed strategy game, XCOM 2 (read our XCOM 2 impressions if you want to learn more about the console port). The other major PS4 game that PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive as a perk will be Trials Fusion. Ubisoft's motorcycle obstacle course title originally released in 2014 and is the sequel to the Xbox 360 exclusive Trials Evolution.

Leaving the PlayStation Plus lineup on June 5 will be May's free titles. That means players have a limited time to redeem the colorful 2D platformer Rayman Legends, David Cage and Quantic Dreams' narrative adventure game Beyond: Two Souls, action role-playing game Risen 3: Titan LordsEat Them!, King Oddball, and Furmins. If you want to play them, make sure to add them to your account before they go back to costing money.

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Rounding out June's monthly line-up are two additional games for PlayStation 3 and Vita. PS3 owners will be able to redeem the violent racing game Zombie Driver HD and the M-rated 2013 shooter Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Meanwhile, PlayStation Vita players will receive the action platformer Atomic Ninjas and the puzzle game Squares. All six of the available games will become available on June 5 and will leave on July 3.

XCOM 2 Console Review

While the PlayStation 3 and Vita titles aren't anything special, the two PlayStation 4 games on offer really make June a strong month for PlayStation Plus subscribers. XCOM 2 was one of 2016's best games, and it's sure to be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys turn-based strategy games. It also received an excellent expansion, War of the Chosen, last year. Trials Fusion is also a blast to play as its tricky platforming provides a really satisfying challenge to overcome.

That said, it can be viewed as a slight downgrade from May's PlayStation Plus lineup. Rayman Legends is one of the best (and most gorgeous) 2D platformers ever released, and, while divisive, Beyond: Two Souls is a first-party title from Sony PlayStation itself. Neither month featured all that great titles on PlayStation 3 or Vita, but June does have the advantage of having Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, as that shooter was a much more higher profile release than anything May had to offer. No matter which lineup one prefers, Sony continues with another strong offering of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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