Dwayne Johnson Replacing Clive Owen In 'Protection?'

Dwayne Johnson might replace Clive Owen in 'Protection'

According to a source over at  The Wrap, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has replaced Clive Owen in the lead role of Protection. In addition to Johnson supposedly being brought onboard, The Wrap also reports that District 13: Ultimatum director, Patrick Alessandrin, has departed the project, which leaves it currently without a director.

Protection has what is a bit of a cliched storyline, but I suspect it'll be one of those movies where the story is not where the film's strength lies. Here's the plot for Protection:

The film follows a disgraced former Special Forces soldier who takes on a Mexican cartel in an attempt to rescue and protect a judge's 21 year-old daughter, who has been targeted by the cartel for agreeing to testify against one of its members after she witnesses her father's murder.


This isn't the first change-up Protection has had: previously Simon West (Con Air, The Mechanic) was on-board to direct Paul Walker (Fast & Furious) in the lead role. It's not clear what happened there, but Clive Owen must have been the next actor in line who was interested. Apparently Owen wasn't up to the job though, and now they're looking to former wrestler-turned actor, Dwayne Johnson (he's just about shed "The Rock" label, hasn't he?).

I'm sure those of you who enjoyed Johnson in the action roles he's been in before will be glad to see him get back to that with Protection (and a couple of other flicks he has in the works). For awhile now, it's been looking like he'd gotten lost in the bottomless pit of silly children's movies, such as Tooth Fairy and The Game Plan.

My immediate thought about Johnson starring in Protection was that it will be like his roles in both The Rundown and Walking Tall, where he had to kick some serious ass, both with and without weapons (in Walking Tall his weapon of choice for a two-by-four!).

Dwayne Johnson in Walking Tall

Would you like to see Dwayne Johnson star in Protection instead of Clive Owen? Are you glad he seems to be getting back to action roles instead of continuing on with all these kids movies?

Johnson can next be seen in the Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg action-comedy, The Other Guys (where he teams up with Samuel L. Jackson - hell yeah!), and is currently filming the action pic, Faster. If this Protection news is true, then you can expect him to start shooting that next (the movie, not, like, with a gun...).

Source: The Wrap (via Empire)

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