Propworx Brings 'Iron Man' Props & Costumes To You

Iron Man Props and Costume Auction by Propworx

Marvel has teamed up with Propworx to bring the world of Iron Man to the masses. And what better time than on the cusp of Iron Man 2's May 7th theatrical release. A live auction will be held Sunday beginning at 12:00 pm ET at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) offering 219 individual items, including costumes, weapons, and pieces of Iron Man's armor. This event is a dream come true for collectors. If Chicago is out of the question, you can participate online at the Propworx website and experience the live auction in realtime.

One of the coolest items on the docket is the chest section of the Iron Monger suit. It looks like a massive piece of machinery, yet it weighs in at around 70 pounds and should make a beautiful centerpiece at the dinner table if you are the Jolly Green Giant.

If owning a huge piece of the Iron Man film isn't within reason for you, they've got two flashy "RT units" used in the movie. Each works in full electrical form, though I wouldn't attempt to place it in your chest.

Iron Man Auction C2E2

The rest of the auction items were on display throughout C2E2 and has been the hit of the convention. Constantly surrounded by fans, the items Marvel and Propworx have this weekend is worth a look, at least through their website. Marvel is doing a great service by making its universe more accessible to anybody willing to grab a piece of it.

Propworx CEO Alec Peters took some time away from promoting the amazingly in depth collection to discuss the process and auction.


Let us know if you snagged any of the items in the bid, or simply what you think of providing such a service to the people in the comments below.

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