Which Movie Props Make The Best Weapons

If we could live in a world where all those incredible (and most of them deadly) movie props were real, which one would make the ultimate weapon? Could it be Mjölnir (if you are worthy, that is)? Ash’s chainsaw? Or, if you know the right spells, could a wand be the best ally in any situation?

The British team of filmmakers Sneaky Zebra tried to answer the question with the second part of their Prop Wars short-films, appropriately titled Prop Wars: Prop Harder. With the help of Loot Crate, Sneaky Zebra unveiled a fun short-film full of props from various movies and TV shows, including some nods to classics like A Fistfull of Dollars.

Starting with a cameo from the galaxy’s new favourite droid, BB8, Prop Wars goes straight to the action with a legendary superhero battle: Mjölnir vs Captain America’s shield. If you ever considered the mask (yes, from The Mask) a powerful and useful weapon, this video will make you rethink that option – but the identity disc from Tron will do the trick for a few minutes.

Prop Wars Logo

The video also shows some classic weapons that are always useful in combat, such as lightsabers (from a regular lightsaber to Kylo Ren’s special one), Men in Black’s noisy cricket, and even the TARDIS – yes, the Doctor’s ship can be an extremely useful weapon if used properly, even more if the Doctor is there to help.

While it’s fun to see Star-Lord’s guns against an always-powerful wand from the wizarding world, nothing can compare to seeing Iron Man face to face with Green Lantern – an odd yet interesting choice of characters as they both have some interesting abilities to defend themselves. But in the end, none of these props could ever save you from a plane crashing on the battlefield. Lesson learned.

Sneaky Zebra have made a name for themselves with their parody videos and other independent film content, characterized by their editing style and VFX work, as seen above. On their YouTube channel you will not only find their short-films and sketches, but also various cosplay music videos and even the no-vfx versions of some of their short-films, such as Prop Wars.

Prop Wars is a delight for movie fans in general with multiple references to a variety of movies that go from sci-fi to western, and the quality of the props and the video in general definitely makes the audience want to come back for more. However, the question remains: Which is the most powerful prop? Hopefully the answer will come in the third part.

Prop Wars: Prop Harder is available to watch on YouTube.

Source: Sneaky Zebra

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