Beautiful New 'Prometheus' Images Emerge From Viral Sites

Two more incredible images surface from the viral websites behind Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus.' Read on to see all of the stills unlocked so far and how they were discovered.

Prometheus Ship close-up

Fans of the Alien franchise, sci-fi movies or anything Ridley Scott related have had special couple of weeks thanks to Twentieth Century Fox's marketing push for Prometheus. After reporting that Guy Pearce had been cast in the film last year, we finally saw what he was really working: the viral campaign which kicked off with a TED lecture video starring Pearce as Peter Weyland in the year 2023.

This paved the way for viral sites containing mysteries that fans must solve and uncover, the first of which was the space map still from two weeks ago. Since then, the official side of the marketing plan shared the must-watch IMAX and international trailers, followed today by a pair of new images again found through the viral sites.

Prometheus is one of Screen Rant's most anticipated films of 2012 and the trailers reinforced our excitement for Ridley Scott's return to the universe he crafted when Alien released in 1979. It doesn't hurt that Fox is being very smart in how they take advantage of the mysterious and intriguing nature of the film and its genre-defining visual designs

See for yourself with the below gallery, featuring the beautiful space map from two weeks ago, along with full-size and zoomed in versions of the two images discovered on the Project Prometheus viral site today. One depicts the 'Prometheus' ship on approach to the mysterious and distant planet the research team is attempting to explore in the film, and the other depicts the vehicles and crew around the landing area.

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Thanks to First Showing for following the progress of the viral and sharing the details on how the images were unlocked. To find them yourselves (if you want the super high-resolution versions of the still), follow these steps using the Project Prometheus and Weyland Industries websites (which on the surface, contain nothing):


Prometheus flight image:

  • The "Eridu" URL extension found from the Weyland Industries investor blog. It's the name of the Sumerian city believed to be one of the locations where the characters of the film find the ancient pictograms which they used to derive the location of the planet they travel to. Eridu is now known as Tell Abu Shahrain and that's the password you need to enter (all lowercase).

Surface vehicles:

  • This one was a lot more complex and the "245409" URL refers to a star (HD 245409), the cosmic call number of the radio message sent to the Orion constellation back in 2003 to communicate with any potential alien life - one that won't arrive until 2040. Here's where it gets really weird: the Orion message was part of the second set of interstellar messages sent out, dubbed "Cosmic Call 2" and it was structured as such (abbreviated): DDM2 - DDM2 - DDM2 - AM - AM - AM - BIG - BIG - BIG - BM - ESM - PP, each group of letters referring to a different message. Put them together with a comma and that's your password: "DDM2DDM2DDM2AMAMAMBIGBIGBIGBMESMPP,"

Space map:

  • "6EQUJ6" comes from a hidden morse code message carefully placed on the site. It was found by going to the About Us part of the site and looking at (and decoding) a blinking star image on the lower left, an image with the convenient filename "findme.gif."


If the history and myth behind this intrigues you, seek out The Return of Enlil by A. Wilson Rodgers and prepare to have your mind blown.

Prometheus hits 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters June 8, 2012.


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