Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus': Potential Plot Spoilers [Updated]

Alien prequel now an original movie titled Prometheus by Ridley Scott

[Update: FOX has released an official Prometheus plot synopsis to (sort of) clear up all the rumors about the movie's story.]

There’s been a lot of back-and-forth about what precisely Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is - Is it an Alien prequel? A totally original sci-fi film with the DNA of the Alien films? A film that exists inside of the Alien universe but otherwise doesn’t relate?

Since the film's announcement, and despite Scott’s insistence to the contrary, there has been report after report indicating the iconic, double-mouthed “Xenomorphs” would be featured prominently in Prometheus . Today, we have a potential plot outline that, if true, will absolutely 100% spoil the film for you.










The Alien xenomorph

...Still here?

Check out the potential plot outline below, from io9:

Earth. Year 2058.

Archaeological digs in Africa reveal alien artifacts that suggest humans were genetically engineered by an advanced alien race (space jockeys). These "Alien Gods" also terraformed Earth in order to make it habitable for their human creations. Amongst finds are coordinates to the Alien Gods' home-world, to Paradise. Months later, the Weyland Corp launch the spaceship Prometheus and its crew, into deep space to make first contact. Thanks to faster than light travel, a few years later the Prometheus enters the Zeta Riticuli star system. Humans are greeted by their makers, then transported further into space to a scary yet fascinating world. The Alien Gods are proud of their "children", their first creation to reach such levels of intelligence.

As a reward they share bits of their astonishing bio-based technologies with the humans. But for one crew member of the Prometheus it's not enough. In a treacherous act he steals the "bio-source code" to Terraforming, a technology at the origin of all Gods' power, that could make humans equal to the gods. The Alien Gods may be scientists, but are also ruthless conquerors, destroyers of worlds who will not accept humans as equals. They unleash on the escaping human crew their favorite bio-weapon, a creature used to "clean up" worlds before colonization. But something goes wrong in the process and humans manage to turn the bio-weapon against their makers. Giving birth to a smarter, nastier, bigger breed of gut-eating creatures. Creatures that will be the demise of Paradise. What's left of the Prometheus crew manages to escape the doomed planet.

On their trail a survivor is an Alien God in very familiar ship with one ultimate mission: Bring the wrath of the Gods to Earth.

Now, as a standalone film directed by Ridley Scott, this sounds like it could be genuinely excellent with some interesting philosophical implications over a science-fiction backdrop (not unlike the man’s eternally praised Blade Runner).

However, as an Alien prequel, it has a bit of a too-coincidental-for-its-own-good prequel plot, typical of these sorts of films.

The Space Jockey from Ridley Scott's Alien

Humans were already intricately involved in the history of those nasty aliens from Alien! Not only were we created by the Space Jockeys, but so, too, were the Xenomorphs! And that Space Jockey from the first Alien? He was on his way to Earth to get his revenge on us for getting too big for our britches before an especially large Xenomorph (the Queen?) popped out of his chest! Who knew?

Still, it’s refreshing to see a major film studio allow Ridley Scott to go completely off the rails with an Alien prequel. Usually, they’d be plastering “Alien” all over every single press release or news leak connected to the film. Instead, it seems they’re just trying to make a really interesting, kind of creepy, sci-fi film supported by quality and concept over brand appeal. That is, if this plot outline turns out to be the real deal.

What do you guys think about the plot outline? Is it interesting? Weird? Believable? All of the above? Let us know in the comments.

Prometheus -- starring Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, and Guy Pearce -- is currently in production and hits theaters June 8th, 2012.

Source:  io9

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