Rumor Patrol: 'Prometheus' Plot Details

Ridley Scott's Alien prequel Prometheus

For several years, Ridley Scott has been developing Prometheus behind a nearly impenetrable wall of secrecy. What began as a straightforward prequel to his seminal 1979 film Alien has evolved into something far more interesting, complex,  and ambiguous.

Cast members Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender have confirmed that Prometheus is definitely connected to the previous films in the franchise, but Scott himself has remained decidedly noncommittal regarding just how strong that connection will be.

Personally, I think he just doesn't like the stigma that might be associated with the word "prequel" and is attempting to persuade audiences to check any preconceived notions or expectations at the door. Until now, it seemed pretty clear that this was a story that took place before the events in Scott's original film, but probably had no direct ties to it.

According to a trusted source of the site MarketSaw, that might not be the case. They've shared some details that reveal exactly how Prometheus fits into the Alien franchise and although some of the information that's included gels with previous reports and rumors, it should still be taken with a grain of salt for the time being.

If what follows turns out to be accurate, then be aware that there are some pretty significant third act spoilers included. If you want to go into Prometheus without knowing too much about what to expect, then you should probably stop reading now.


For starters, this report reaffirms two plot points that have already been rumored: 1) the Space Jockeys will factor into the film somehow and 2) the Alien xenomorphs will make an appearance (possibly sporting a brand new look). Although Prometheus might spend most of its running time completely independent from the other Alien films, it sounds like the final moments are heavily centered around a key aspect of the first movie - right down to an exact replica of the original Space Jockey spaceship set:

Space Jockey Ridley Scott Alien Prequel Prometheus Plot

The source goes on to confirm that in addition to their considerable size, these xenomorphs will differ quite extensively from their predecessors in other ways as well:

And do not be expecting the traditional look either, these are very different creatures that will keep the general architecture of the xenomorph, but will have a considerably different look, and do very perverse things.

That last part immediately inspires some fairly disturbing mental images, doesn't it? However, before Prometheus relishes in its third act carnage, Scott will evidently be attempting to redefine what a contemporary blockbuster is capable of:

However, before all of this I hear that the story is not only reminiscent of 2001, but is also trying to push the boundaries of what a modern tent pole science fiction movie could be. This is all I can share, but trust me, you seriously need to start being excited about this project, because not only is this I am assured, not nostalgia for nostalgia reasons, but a whole new spin on that old chestnut ... The story is a very closely guarded secret in Hollywood, and while it is not a direct prequel "officially" it has more than just passing ties towards the Alien saga's canon. You will have all the things that worked in the Alien canon, and very new and fresh and some controversial ideas presented, sexuality is dealt with quite directly. There may even be a robot or two. And the ship, which I am told is the current titles name, Prometheus. Highly original, both in concept and design I hear.


Again, this all seems to be in line with previous statements we've heard regarding the film's plot and this might turn out to be legitimate. MarketSaw's source acknowledges that Fox is preparing to spread a great deal of misinformation about Prometheus in the coming months to help keep audiences in the dark. However, the circumstances that lead to him receiving this information have left him fairly confident that this is not a part of that campaign.

Honestly, I think this is all sounds pretty intriguing and it seems to tie back to some of the earliest concepts we heard after the project was announced. As for all of those red herrings that the studio is apparently set to release upon us, I know Michael Bay did something similar while he was making the second Transformers movie, but that seems like a rather dubious strategy - especially if one of the fake plots winds up being more exciting and innovative than what actually hits theaters.

Whether this information turns out to be true or not, Prometheus is already a must see film as far as I'm concerned. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a return to form for Ridley Scott and that it really does push the notion of a summer blockbuster into uncharted waters.

Prometheus is scheduled to hit theaters on June 8 ,2012.

Source: MarketSaw

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