'Prometheus' Deleted Scene Explains Snake-Petting Biologist

The 'Prometheus' Blu-ray reveals a deleted scene which better explains the poor decision making skills of snake-petting biologist, Millburn.

Prometheus Deleted Scenes Biologist

Prometheus remains one of the most divisive and discussed films of the year - with good reason. A somewhat mish-mashed combination of heady sci-fi themes and common horror movie tropes, Ridley Scott's Alien-spinoff film left viewers with as many plothole questions as it did philosophical ones.

There is hope among some that the Prometheus deleted and extended scenes included on the Blu-ray release will help fill in some of the gaps viewers may have had when trying to make sense of the film, or its connection to Alien. While we've already touched on some of the extras we'll be seeing (and what gaps they will/will not fill), today's never-been-seen clip certainly comes with a hint of purpose behind it.

One of the most criticized, mocked, meme'd and laughed-at moments in Prometheus comes when a biologist named Millburn (Rafe Spall) meets a gruesome gastro-intestinal end after (hilariously, idiotically) trying to pet an alien snake that rises up out of some ominous black goo. That moment played so resoundingly badly in the film that it won Millburn a Screen Rant Summer Movie Award for "Most Idiotic Character." However, as detailed in the deleted scene above, poor, mocked Millburn had his ending foreshadowed much better in a previous cut of the film.

What was so strange about Millburn's alien snake petting antics in the film we all saw (besides the obvious danger) was that it seemed so at odds with the character's prior attitude of apprehension - even when it came to touching  the corpses of the engineer alien. Going from scaredy cat to alien animal adopter in the span of minutes was a pretty contradictory transition.




Here, though, we see that Millburn's love of animals (be they alien or otherwise) is established much earlier on - foreshadowing the same curiosity and compassion that would later be his undoing, while also better cluing us in to the effect of the black goo, which takes the sort of harmless animal Millburn captures in this deleted scene, and mutates it into the fearsome thing that kills him later.

Knowing that this scene was left on the cutting room floor, one has to wonder just what Ridley Scott and editor Pietro Scalia were doing in post-production? This small moment would've brought much more logic, impact and all-around sense to one of the first big kills in the movie; now that we're aware of this missed connection, one has to wonder, how many more are there just like it... Maybe some of the hate that writer Damon Lindelof took after this movie's release needs to be rescinded (not that it will, or anything).

Prometheus will be on Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy on October 9, 2012.

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