Charlize Theron Boards 'Prometheus'; Fassbender Talks 'Alien' Linkage

For what seemed like forever, we we waited eagerly for things to get moving on Ridley Scott's planned Alien prequel. However, just last month it was revealed that the film wouldn't be a prequel to Scott's original Alien but rather a whole new sci-fi flick entitled Prometheus.

The original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was rumored to be the frontrunner to star in the Alien prequel before it was retitled but once it was, she was cast as the lead in Prometheus. The much sought-after actor Michael Fassbender (our new Magneto in X-Men: First Class) joined the cast soon thereafter, in the role of some sort of android character. And we're now hearing word that Oscar-winner Charlie Theron has also joined the cast.

Variety is exclusively reporting that Theron has joined the cast of Prometheus, although it's not mentioned which character she will be playing. Presumably Rapace is the lead but we know several lead actresses are being pursued for roles. The film is to be going back to the roots of the original Alien (and its arguably superior sequel, Aliens) by being more of an ensemble piece.

Speaking of the original Alien films, Theron's co-star Fassbender talked to MTV recently about how much Prometheus is linked with them. Scott has previously said that the film will have "Alien DNA" and Fassbender more than confirms that statement. Check out the video interview courtesy of MTV:

Even if were not getting a direct and official Alien prequel as was originally hoped and planned, Prometheus sounds like the next best thing. The idea of having an original film with a new title but still hinting at the universe that the original Alien took place in seems like the best compromise possible.

From what Fassbender says, it also sounds like they're combining the intelligence and suspense of the original Alien with the high octane action of its sequel, Aliens.  This former Alien prequel is sounding better and better every day!

The name Prometheus has two meanings: One is the name of a Titan found in Greek Mythology and the other is a "satellite" of the planet Saturn. Since this is a sci-fi film I imagine the latter will have more relevance in the actual film but with Sir Ridley you never know what type of mythology he may draw inspiration from.

After switching dates with the 3D epic John Carter of Mars, Prometheus is now set to hit theaters on June 8th, 2012. Expecting more casting announcements sooner rather than later.

Sources: Variety and MTV

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