'Prometheus' Cast & Crew Break Down the Film's Lofty Themes

In a newly-released set report, the cast and filmmaking crew of 'Prometheus' (including, director Ridley Scott) dive into the sci-fi/horror project's ambitious ideas and themes.

As splendid as everything in Prometheus looks - from the other-worldly artifact design overseen by art director John King (Troy, John Carter), to the glimpses of creatures and extraterrestrial architecture influenced by H.R. Giger's original conceptual art for Alien - it's the lofty themes and provocative subject matter that director Ridley Scott keeps teasing which has fans especially eager to see the filmmaker try his hand at the sci-fi genre once again.

Today we have excerpts from a Prometheus set report that sheds light on said ideas through interviews with some of the people who collaborated on this project.

That list includes Ridley Scott, screenwriter Damon Lindelof and costar Michael Fassbender (among others).

While the quotes do not contain outright SPOILERS for Prometheus, anyone who is especially sensitive to plot information or wants to go in as blank as possible should probably turn away. Everyone else, click to the next page for all the enticing insights from the cast and filmmakers.

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