Michael Fassbender Says 'Prometheus 2' is Going to Happen, But He's Unsure When

Prometheus 2 may feature multiple Davids (Michael Fassbender)

Ridley Scott's quasi-Alien prequel Prometheus is one of those geek blockbusters that seems to prompt love/hate reactions more than it does middle-ground responses, but at the end of the day it was a financial success, in terms of ticket sales. A sequel is being written and could hit theaters in March 2016, with Prometheus cast members Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender reprising their roles from the first movie. That's not a done deal yet, however, as illustrated by recent comments made by Fassbender during an interview where he was promoting this month's release, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Besides his continuing roles as young Magneto in the X-Men film series and the android David in Prometheus, Fassbender will soon add yet another geek franchise to his belt: Assassin's Creed, the cinematic adaptation of the the video game property that shall serve as the first release for Ubisoft's newly-established Motion Pictures production house. With Assassin's Creed scheduled to arrive in August 2015 and Days of Future Past followup X-Men: Apocalypse (with Fassbender reprising as Magneto for a third time) slated to open in theaters in May 2016, the actor already has a lot on his plate, as far as work over the next year goes.

That might help to to explain the inexactitude of Fassbender's comment during a recent interview with Collider, during which Fassbender's X-Men costar James McAvoy asked him "Are you doing a sequel [to 'Prometheus']?" and the actor replied "Yeah, but when I don't know." Indeed, the aforementioned possible 2016 release for Prometheus 2 - long rumored to be titled Paradise after the Engineers' home planet - is based on 20th Century Fox having claimed a March date for an unspecified Ridley Scott project. Nothing more official than that yet, though.

It's not yet given that Scott will direct the Prometheus sequel, either; he could hand off the project to someone else, so he can instead move onto something like a new Blade Runner installment or the adaptation of sci-fi novel The Forever War. Depending on who you ask, that possibility might be welcome, as some feel that the common complaint raised about Prometheus - that it's a visually beautiful, but confused mashup of heady sci-fi ideas and outdated horror tropes - stems as much from Scott's direction on the project as anything else.

Michael Fassbender talks Prometheus 2

The first script draft for the Prometheus sequel was penned by Jack Paglen - whose screenwriting debut Transcendence prompted complaints that resemble the common ones for Prometheus (and them some) - but the screenplay has since been revised by Michael Green, who recently collaborated with Scott on the Blade Runner 2 script. Which is to say, Green being onboard may signal Scott's intent to direct, starting this year.

Presuming that's true, Fassbender could work on Assassin's Creed - under his Macbeth director Justin Kurzel - beginning sometime in the next few months, followed by Prometheus 2 in the fall/winter - and then, a few months after that, the actor should be available and ready to reprise as Magneto in the next X-Men installment. However, if that doesn't happen, then it will be all the more difficult for Prometheus 2 to reach theaters by 2016.

Be sure and let us know your current outlook for the Prometheus sequel, and whether you'd prefer to have Scott back in the director's chair - or to have someone else captain that ship.


We'll keep you posted on the status of Prometheus 2 (not the official title) as more information comes our way.

Source: Collider

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