Noomi Rapace Talks 'Prometheus 2' Story - Who Will the Villains Be?

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After months of hype, and script changes, Ridley Scott's return to the Alien universe, Prometheus opened to a polarizing response from critics and fans (read our Prometheus review). While many viewers were hoping for a prequel with direct ties to Alien canon, the filmmaker ultimately focused his efforts on a philosophical exploration of mankind's origins - one that oscillated between captivating sci-fi visuals and downright eye-rolling character moments. As a result, Prometheus became one of 2012's most divisive films and a platform for passionate moviegoers to pick apart minute details - in an effort to backup their opinion of the film as well as its connections to the larger Alien mythology.

Nevertheless, Prometheus was a success for 20th Century Fox - earning the studio over $400 million worldwide in box office sales (on a reported budget of $130 million). Even though Scott's film might not have been the Alien prequel that longtime xenomorph fans had been hoping to see, it was a solid foundation for the studio to build a new film series. Which is why it came as no surprise to hear that Scott and the studio were actively developing Prometheus 2 - and now, star Noomi Rapace is discussing where she'd like to see her character go in the follow-up.

Prometheus 2 may feature multiple Davids (Michael Fassbender)

Recently, Scott revealed that Prometheus 2 will not feature the iconic xenomorphs - indicating that "the beast is done." Elaborating on the decision to not include Aliens in an Alien universe film, the director indicated that he wants to take the story in a different direction: "I think you’ve got to come back with something more interesting. And I think we’ve found the next step. I thought the Engineers were quite a good start.” When Scott nixed hope of xenomorphs in Prometheus 2, fans began to speculate on who (or what) might be that "more interesting" "next step" - and now, in a new interview with MTV UK, Rapace is offering her own idea regarding what could come next in the sequel.

Check out the interview with Rapace below:

It's worth noting, before anyone gets too worked up about the Devil or God being villains in Prometheus 2, that Rapace outright states she has no idea what Scott has planned for the film. Still, considering that the first Prometheus redefined mankind's understanding of creation - the notion that Elizabeth and David (Michael Fassbender) could encounter "God" in the "Dark Paradise" isn't a total stretch. After all, even though Prometheus credits the engineers with mankind's creation - who created the engineers? Is there something even more advanced our there for the Prometheus survivors to encounter and, if so, what other malevolent forces might be in play? Specifically, if Jesus was actually an engineer, who was Muhammad, Michael, or Satan, among other figures from human religious texts? Were they all engineers or might there have been competing races visiting Earth?

At the end of Prometheus, Elizabeth and David chart a course for the engineer homeworld but anyone who has seen an Alien universe movie knows that Scott could dramatically mix-up the formula in a sequel - since lengthy cryosleeps were regularly used to reset Ellen Ripley's storyline. It seems unlikely that Elizabeth and David will simply arrive at a bustling engineer homeworld and be welcomed in with open arms - making it much more probable that they'll be caught in a horrific detour or arrive safe and sound but find the engineers have been ravaged by a completely different threat.

No Xenomorph Aliens in Prometheus 2

Still, if the pair were to get detoured and land at a new location that has become overrun with xenomorphs (or some other monster), Scott would just be retreading familiar ground - so it will be interesting to see how the filmmaker intends to build-upon the engineers' story. After all, Scott insinuated that the engineers were only the start and that he's got a plan for an interesting "next step". To that end, it would make sense that the Prometheus story will continue to zoom outward in this universe - further exploring the relationship between extraterrestrial races, technology, and the whole of creation.

To that end, Rapace's claim that Elizabeth is looking forward to the Dark Paradise (not backward to Earth) is a pretty fitting correlation to Scott's intentions for the sequel. Much like Elizabeth, it doesn't sound like Scott sees any value in going back to his Alien narrative and, instead, is much more interested in plowing ahead into unexplored territory. While that might continue to irk some franchise fans were still hoping to see the prequel story provide direct ties to Alien, the choice to push ahead without xenomorphs could make for a better overall film - given that many viewers felt Prometheus was trying to tell two separate stories simultaneously.

Prometheus 2 may film in Australia

Of course, when we'll actually see Prometheus is unclear. The studio was initially targeting a 2016 release date for the film (with a fall 2014 shoot) but, given that Scott is gearing-up for production on The Martian and has expressed interest in shooting Blade Runner 2 afterward, it's impossible to imagine that Prometheus 2 will hit theaters on the original schedule.

Regardless, we'll keep you up to date as official Prometheus 2 details are revealed.

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Prometheus 2 does not currently have an official release date.

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