Ridley Scott May Film 'Prometheus 2' in Australia; 'Blade Runner 2' to Follow

Rumor has it that Ridley Scott will begin filming 'Prometheus 2' in Australia this year, then shoot the 'Blade Runner' sequel in that country in early 2015.

Prometheus 2 may film in Australia

20th Century Fox has gone ahead and staked out a March 2016 release date for an "Untitled Ridley Scott Project" - in other words, the filmmaker is going to begin shooting some new movie soon, probably well before the end of 2014. The most likely candidate to be Scott's next feature is Prometheus 2, though of late there've been signs that a Blade Runner sequel will follow shortly thereafter. According to the latest report on Scott's various doings, that is very much the plan right now.

We got an update on development for the Prometheus sequel two months back, with the news that Michael Green is currently revising the script for the project. Green is also writing the new Blade Runner installment, though based on what we've been hearing of late, it sounds as though Prometheus 2 will be the next Ridley Scott science fiction movie to get made - in part, because the film starting production start during the 3rd/4th quarter of 2014, might work best with costar Michael Fassbender's fairly-packed work schedule.

Scott is currently paying a visit to Australia, and there's video footage and photos of the filmmaker arriving at the Sydney airport to prove it. The reason he is there - or so says The Daily Mail - is to scout for potential filming locations to use on both the Prometheus and Blade Runner sequels; on top of that, Scott is reported to be looking to reach a deal with Screen Australia - one that will allow him to shoot Prometheus 2 in the country beginning this year, followed by Blade Runner 2 in early 2015.

Naturally, you should take a grain of salt with these unconfirmed claims about why, exactly, Scott has traveled Down Under; though, at the same time, they don't seem unreasonable. Case in point: Australia has become a more popular location for producing Hollywood tentpoles in recent years; not only did such recent big-budgeted titles as The Wolverine and The Great Gatsby shoot in the country, but right now both the mythological blockbuster Gods of Egypt and the Dwayne Johnson disaster flick San Andreas are in production there as well. Moreover, it's possible that some of the more uninhabited areas of Australia would serve Scott well, in order to create and depict certain unusual settings featured in his upcoming sci-fi franchise installments.

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner

There's at least one setting featured in the Blade Runner sequel that - as described by Scott - takes place in a "vast farmland where... you can see for miles and it’s dirt, but it’s being raked," which is a location that could easily be created by shooting in select regions of Australia. The film's producing studio, Alcon Entertainment, has already made an unprecedented public offer for Harrison Ford to reprise his famous role as Rick Deckard; by the looks it, then, the folk backing this particular Scott project are looking to get the ball rolling on this one soon (which makes a 2015 filming start date seem like a feasible possibility).

As for Prometheus 2 (which is not the official title, at this time): the sequel to Scott's quasi-Alien prequel is expected to follow scientist Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and the android David (Fassbender) to the home-world of humanity's "creators," a.k.a. the Engineers - a home planet that could potentially be "played" by the wild areas of Australia, much like Iceland was used to create some of the other-worldly geography in Prometheus. This is all speculative, of course, so stay tuned; by the sound of it, we might be getting more official information in the months ahead.


We'll keep you posted on the status of both Prometheus 2 and Blade Runner 2.

Source: The Daily Mail

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