Short Film 'Project S.E.R.A.': '28 Days Later' Meets 'Resident Evil'

short film project sera by ben howdeshell starring julia voth

From time to time we here at Screen Rant like to shine a spotlight on impressive short films, and today we add to that tradition with Project S.E.R.A., a short that you may have seen making rounds on the Interwebs. The 10-minute movie by filmmaker Ben Howdeshell borrows heavily from other action/horror flicks - most notably the 28 Days Later and Resident Evil franchises - but still manages to achieve some impressive results.

In Project S.E.R.A., we get the brief hint at a larger story, mostly told in flashback, about the tragic events that befell Jill (Bitch Slap star Julia Voth) and her father, General Eames (Stuntman/actor Dennis Keiffer). When Eames uncovers a plot to steal a deadly bio-weapon, he is betrayed and captured by some shady conspirators, and Jill is dragged in as a means to coerce him into revealing all he knows about the conspirators' plot. However, Jill is no damsel in distress and is quite capable of saving herself - but escape isn't her only challenge when the deadly virus is released.

Check out Project S.E.R.A. below:

The action scenes aren't perfect, but that use of bullet-time in the beginning is pretty slick for an online short. Again, the plot of this short film is borrowing heavily from both 28 Days Later (a "rage" virus) and the Resident Evil movies (shadowy cabal manufactures deadly bio-weapon / ass-kicking female protagonist), so there are a few points lost in the originality category.

Ben Howdeshell is no mere amateur, though, having worked as an editor and/or visual effects guy for big-screen productions such as Death Race, The Darkest Hour, and (surprise, surprise) the Resident Evil: Extinction and Afterlife movie installments. He also made another short film titled Alone, which also stars Julia Voth.

Another fun fact: Voth has already played an ass-kicking action heroine named "Jill": she voiced the character of Jill Valentine in the 2002 remake of the Resident Evil video game for the Nintendo GameCube (the connections to RE are everywhere!).  If she caught your eye, you may be able to next catch her onscreen in Wolf Creek 2.

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Source: Project S.E.R.A. Facebook Page

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