Project Resistance: Mr. X Returns in New TGS 2019 Cinematic Trailer

Project Resistance Mr X Trailer TGS 2019

A new Project Resistance trailer introduces Mr. X, the iconic Resident Evil 2 villain, alongside a slew of other famous Resident Evil zombies as part of a cinematic that introduces the game's multiplayer co-op survival horror mechanicsProject Resistance was rumored to be the next Resident Evil game, something that appears to remain true despite the fact that it does not have the series' official designation, and has been the subject of much speculation in the build-up to its Tokyo Game Show 2019 reveal.

The Resident Evil franchise as a whole is thriving this year thanks to the resurgence of Capcom as a publisher. Buoyed by Resident Evil 7's success last year, the company released a brand new remake of Resident Evil 2 that drastically overhauled nearly everything about the game aside from its core story and gameplay elements - and, of course, Mr. X, who was the subject of many memes upon his reintroduction to the public's consciousness. The result was a smash success, and a game that many argued at the time could end up contending for Game of the Year titles once 2019 comes to a close. Whether or not that remains true as the year has progressed to include several other luminous additions to modern gaming libraries everywhere, fans are more excited about Resident Evil as a property than they have been in some time.

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That's why Project Resistance is so shocking - it's a departure from two games back-to-back that have made Capcom money by being as Resident Evil as possible. The new Project Resistance trailer brings back Mr. X's zombie model, possibly as a nod to the fact that some fans will be put off by the game's status as a spin-off rather than a true mainline entry into Resident Evil, and peppers the cinematic with other Resident Evil zombies as well. The new Project Resistance trailer is meant to highlight the game's reliance on co-op survival horror gameplay, and does a pretty good job illustrating what to expect, as shown in the official Resident Evil Twitter's shared video:

Staring down the hulking Mr. X is one thing, but there's also someone operating the zombies from behind the scenes. That could be a hint at asymmetric gameplay with one player controlling the environment and enemies while four others attempt to survive and combat the horrors unleashed upon them. At least the tie-in to the series is pretty clear: Project Resistance's Mr. X - or at least a T-00 Tyrant that dresses the exact same - evokes a clear presence within the Resident Evil universe, and there's perhaps some opportunity to explore more niche stories as a result.

Fans have been pretty divided on the announcement, however. Many have expressed a distaste for the game, choosing to voice their desire for a Resident Evil 3 remake or a new game in the series rather than a spin-off that looks very much like it's based on the Resident Evil 2 remake's gameplay. Either way, with just a cinematic trailer to go on, it's far too early to judge Project Resistance and the returning Mr. X as anything except a promising, if shocking, attempt at a new spin-off title for the Resident Evil series.

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Source: Resident Evil/Twitter

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