CCP’s Project Nova Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

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Since 2011 CCP Games have been touting the idea of a universe of EVE products and we've seen that live through EVE Online spinoffs on other platforms, ranging from DUST 514 on PlayStation 3 to EVE: Valkyrie which began as a VR exclusive, and the EVE: Gunjack mobile VR titles. Today at EVE Fanfest 2018 where the 15th anniversary of EVE Online is being celebrated, CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson took to the stage for a keynote presentation where he spoke to the future of EVE.

The most curious and intriguing project CCP has in the works, and certainly the most mysterious is Project Nova. This game, previously known as Project Legion, is the natural successor to DUST 514 but it's being built for the PC. This much we learned at EVE Fanfest 2017 and it's been confirmed today.

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Pétursson explained during the keynote that development on Project Nova has moved to CCP Games HQ in Reykjavik, Iceland with support from Sumo Digital (Crackdown 3) in the UK.

"Project Nova will launch on PC. We are committing to develop the game to a point that meets your expectations and releasing it when it's ready and in the right way. Project Nova is shaping up to be a unique first-person shooter, innovative multiplayer gameplay, and an authentic New Eden experience. We're going to be building this with the community"

CCP received over 10,000 responses from a survey sent out to EVE Online players the the most important thing for the community and devs "needs to be moment to moment gunplay experience." This is something Jean-Charles Gaudechon stressed to me last as well as he emphasized the time being spent on getting the feel of weapons right and things like the TTK (time to kill).

“One Universe // One War”

A Project Nova screenshot from 2016

Gaudechon explained in 2017 to us exclusively that Project Nova - which still doesn't have a real title and likely won't until close to release - would likely have "less" direct ties to the EVE Online MMO universe than Dust 514 did and today Pétursson confirmed this, explaining that Project Nova will not tie into EVE Online when it launches. That is something that is planned for post-release however. That is still the long-term vision of all EVE products, to have them all connected.

"When we release Project Nova it will not be connected to EVE Online initially."

Learning from DUST 514 and player feedback, the singular goal is to built a boots-on-the-ground shooter that has a "strong foundation" and can stand on its own first.

Project Nova will be revealed fully later this year and its possible a version of the game releases in "months, not in years," and if that's the case there could be a build ready this fall, perhaps even around EVE Vegas 2018 which takes place in late October.

"Space will be your domain. The majestic spaceships of EVE Online will be your playground. Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to run around on the surface of a battleship, to hear its guns roar? Soon you will know."

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