15 Times Professor X Killed People

Professor Charles Xavier is often seen as the generous mentor and protector of mutant kind. He provided a haven for other mutants and trained several elite X-Men teams to help protect the world. He advocated for mutant kind when humans were too scared to understand them and chose to hate them instead. He opposed Magneto's “mutants are superior” platform, but was also more than willing to help Magneto when he asked.

However, Professor X does possess a sinister side and has been known to be a bit of a jerk. The good professor has used his powers to manipulate situations so that he would be painted in a favorable light and has done things that other people would have gotten jailed or beaten for doing. As one of the most powerful psychics in the world, people should have been afraid of him, as he had the ability to completely erase them from existence or trap them in their minds. Though Professor X has often been a generous benefactor, he has also been responsible for the deaths of both human and mutant kind.  Here are 15 People Professor X Has Killed


15 Steve Rogers

In X-Treme X-Men (2012), several multi-dimensional members of the X-Men have collected the heads of multiple Xaviers to save Earth from certain destruction. Of course, all of the heads explode, save one, which travels with the X-Men, causing a cosmic rift and allowing the X-Treme X-Men to appear on Earth 616 (the main Marvel Universe). Dazzler and the X-Treme X-Men team up to save and travel the multiverse from various evil Xaviers.

In issue #11 of X-Treme X-Men, Dazzler and her team are attempting to enjoy a break, when the floating head of Xavier is mistaken for evil Nazi Xavier of that universe. As they rectify the misunderstanding, Nazi Xavier shows up and explains that he’s not a real Nazi; he just made necessary alliances with people in power to assure his people’s safety. Nazi Xavier then explains that he killed Captain America with his telekinetic power and spear as his final act to “save” his people, asserting that he was not, in fact, a bad guy despite killing Captain America.

14 Takeo Sasaki


Introduced in the X-Men Marvel Anime series, Takeo was the son of Professor X and Yui Sasaki, a Japenese geneticist who created and opened the Sasaki Institute. The Sasaki Institute was a school for mutants, similar to Xavier Academy. Takeo was convinced to use his telepathic ability to erase himself from the minds of everyone by his mother, who wanted to keep him safe. This worked... until it didn't, of course, and he was discovered by a member of the Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club intended to use him for their nefarious needs, but Takeo’s powers overtake him, which prompts the X-Men to come and attempt to subdue him.

Realizing that the X-Men weren’t going to be able to subdue Takeo, Professor X engages him in a mental battle. Xavier attempts to speak with Takeo, but this doesn’t work. Professor X engages him in a mental battle which entails a lot of eye squinting and dramatic music. Takeo bursts into light as a result of the Professor's psychic ability and no longer exists in the spiritual or physical plane.

13 His Twin Sister

In New X-Men, #121, Cassandra Nova is introduced as Professor Xavier's twin sister who was considered to be “Mummudrai”, the equal opposite of a person. In issue 121, readers are taught about the birds and the bees, and shown the biological conception, from swimming sperm to egg implantation of Cassandra Nova and Charles Xavier.

Then, to complete the uniqueness of this issue, the next panel shows the two fetuses in utero. The Professor Xavier fetus is creepy-looking and is floating next to his normally drawn twin sister. Creepy fetus Xavier senses the presence of Cassandra Nova’s evilness and decides that something must be done about this. Fetus Xavier punches fetus Cassandra Nova in the face around umbilical cords. Fetus Xavier then uses an umbilical cord to wrap around Cassandra Nova’s neck in an attempt to choke her to death. When that didn’t work, he uses his psychic powers to kill Cassandra, causing his mother to have a miscarriage.

12 En Saban Nur/Apocalypse

In What if Legion had Killed Magneto, Professor Xavier was attempting to find a powerful mutant who kept disappearing and appearing on Cerebro. Unable to locate the mutant, Xavier sent his team of X-Men to investigate. Professor Xavier decided to go and visit Scott and Jean and their children in an attempt to convince them to find this mysterious mutant. Scott and Jean decided that they were not going to help him with his latest mission.

Apocalypse comes the next day and overwhelms Xavier in battle. Jean and Scott arrive to rescue a now very injured Xavier. Jean and Apocalypse face off, but Apocalypse matches every attack she has, and gains the upper hand and kills her. Broken and bloody, Xavier sneaks up behind Apocalypse and uses the last of his psychic ability to break into Apocalypse's mind and stomp it, killing him instantly. Overwhelmed, Xavier then succumbs to his own injuries.

11 Nathan Essex (Mister Sinister)

After his son dies, Nathan Essex, aka Mister Sinister, made it his life mission to eradicate all mutations that occurred in humans. Mister Sinister later created and spliced some very interesting mutant combinations. In Mutant X, Mister Sinister made it his mission to create an incredibly powerful super mutant. During this time, Mister Sinister decided that he needed to take over the world in order to continue his genetic testing.

Xavier has made himself the most powerful telepath int he world and readily agreed to help Mister Sinister's plans of world domination. However, during the final battle, Mister Sinister realized that Xavier planned on betraying him and was going to destroy his lab for his genetic experiments. When Mister Sinister disagreed with Professor Xavier on this front, Charles him with a psionic blast. The psionic blast killed Mister Sinister. The lesson from this ill-fated team-up essentially boils down to: don’t disagree with the most powerful man in the world.

10 Sentinels


The Sentinels have been a foe of the X-Men since X-Men, issue #15. Non-comics fans will recognizes them from the X-Men movie Days of Future Past. Originally created by Bolivar Trask, they were intended to save humanity from mutant kind. Of course, the Sentinels once activated went rogue and attacked human and mutants alike.

The Sentinels make a reappearance in X-Treme X-Men #5 as human-sentinels. In this series, Professor Xavier is a floating head who had raised a team of X-Men to be aspiring role models and heroes.The world loved these mutants, and they were helping improve human-mutant relations. His team of X-men whom he regarded as his children were targeted and killed by these human-sentinels. Professor Xavier reacted “badly” and killed every one of the sentinels by using his psychic powers to possibly liquify the brains of the sentinels, as the panel shows them bleeding from their mouths and eyes.

9 Adolf Hitler

Professor Xavier has been known to make difficult decisions for the greater good and has even sacrificed his life to save the world. However, Professor Xavier has also been known to use his more manipulative side in order to attain what he wants.

In the alternate universe of X-Treme X-Men, that world’s Xavier just happens to be a Nazi and uses these qualities to his advantage. Nazi Xavier asserts that he was not truly evil, because he allied himself with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party as a way to save his people from certain death. He further asserts that he would be the world leader that his people needed, which sounds eerily similar to Hitler’s stance during World War II.

Then, in a move that proved that Professor Xaiver held no loyalty to anyone but himself, he killed Adolf Hitler with a spear (and perhaps his psychic energy) to “clean his own house.” This particular Professor Xavier would, in fact, be able to keep his people safe, but at what cost? Luckily, we never get to find out.

8 Lorraine and Micheal Denosta

In “Sins of the Father” the Exiles are sent to an alternate universe to find a teacher and leader to help imprisoned mutants escape from where their prisons. The Exiles, who were taught by Professor Xavier in their time, assume that the mutant that they are looking for must be Professor Xavier. However, Charles had become twisted and filled with rage, and the thirst for revenge drove him. No longer did he hold the ideals of the Professor X that they knew and looked up to as a role model.

Xavier knocks out the Exiles and proceeds to go to downtown Phoenix, where he unleashes a powerful mind blast that killed everyone in a five-mile radius. Micheal Denosta was a child who just happened to be running errands with his mother when Xavier released the most powerful mind blast that anyone had ever seen. Xavier did not care about who he hurt, so long as he was able to exact revenge on other people, making him one of the more callous and terrifying version of Professor X.

7 Moira Kinross (McTaggert)

In Mutant X, Charles Xavier and Magneto worked together and defeated the Shadow King. However, Charles barely beat him, and the price of defeating the Shadow King was that Charles' personality began to change. He became more aggressive and secretive and would disappear for months with no explanation to his friends.

Magneto eventually fell in love with Moira McTaggert, and the two began a romantic relationship. The Juggernaut found Magento and Charles and began to fight Charles out of spite and revenge. Charles used a psionic blast against Juggernaut and missed him. The blast hit Moira, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, instead.

Charles was not even apologetic over the matter, and Magneto was distraught over the death of his lover. Unable to maintain the friendship, Charles then disappeared and used his powers to manipulate the minds of humanity for his own wants and needs, which ultimately led to Charles’ team up with Mister Sinister.

6 Humans


In What If Professor X Became Juggernaut, Professor Xavier was the one to go into the cave and be buried alive. As a result, he never created the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four defeat Magneto. This creates a domino effect, and there is anti-mutant hysteria, which then causes a lot of problems.

Xavier dug himself out of the rubble after some time and emerged as Juggernaut, with the addition of amplified telekinetic powers. The superhero community was no match for Xavier and his powers, and are unable to stop him from rising to power. During this time, he refreezes Captain America, causes World War III, which eleases radiation bombs that result in the death of many humans and turns the remaining humans into mutants.

As a result of his rise to power, Xavier’s tenuous grip on sanity lapsed and he went mad with power. This Xavier was the polar opposite of Earth-616 Xavier, and frankly, he should never be allowed that much power.

5 Vulcan and the X-Men

Who is Vulcan? Was there another X-Men team? These were the questions Cyclops didn’t even know to ask, as Professor X had completely erased Vulcan the entire world's minds. Professor X sent the X-Men to Karoka, and they were killed or captured on the island. Professor X partners with the New X-Men who were trained by Moira McTaggert, after he recognized the mental signature of Vulcan as being the lost Summer brother.

Professor X sends the second team after his team of X-Men, knowing that he was more than likely sending them to their death-- and failed to mention that key piece of information. Cyclops was the only one to return from the mission alive. Hysterical and unable to handle witnessing the death of his and Vulcan’s team, Professor X decided it would be a "mercy" to erase Vulcan and the team from the minds of everyone and to cover up what he had done. This was definitely one of Professor X's more devious acts, and made us wonder, was the Professor as good as we all thought him to be?

4 Magneto

Though Professor X did not physically kill Magneto, he did cross a moral line; he something to Erik that was worse than death. In the events of "Fatal Attraction," Magneto and his Acolytes return to the fold and start a battle with the X-Men as they crash Illyana Rasputin’s funeral, declaring that they were going to wipe out humanity from Avalon.

Magneto released an electromagnetic pulse that devastated the world and caused Professor X to assemble the X-Men to defeat him. Wolverine stabs Magneto in an attempt to stop him but only succeeds in angering him, leading him to rip the adamantium from Wolverine’s body. Enraged, Professor X leaps over that moral boundary and completely mind-wiped Magneto, leaving him comatose. It would have probably been a mercy to kill him, but the Professor leaves Magneto to a fate worse than death, as he would not remember who he was if he did wake and he was left trapped in his body. This action was not without consequence, as it then created Onslaught, the evil that Professor X kept hidden.

3 Shadow King

In Mutant X, Professor Xavier and Magneto were friends that were brought together by the shared interest of saving mutants and mankind. However, after fighting the Shadow King, another strong telepath who preyed on the bodies of powerful psychics in order to use them to enslave mankind.

Professor Xavier and Magneto fight with the Shadow King, agreeing that they could not allow him to complete his plans. Professor Xavier is almost overwhelmed by the Shadow King but used the last of his strength to destroy him mentally. However, part of the Shadow King’s essence was absorbed by Professor X, which creates a more aggressive side, manipulative, and all-around meaner version of Professor X. Charlie is no longer abide by the same ideals that he once did, and after killing Moria, he has no problem using his abilities to manipulate the will of others to attain what he wants.

2 Xavier's Kill Protocols


Professor Xavier was a man of many secrets. One of the secrets that were ultimately unearthed was Xavier’s Kill Protocols. These protocols made their first appearance in Uncanny X-Men and were created as a failsafe should he or any other mutant become too powerful and need to be stopped. Xavier listed the individual's weakness and the most efficient way to kill them, and did include ways to kill himself in these files as well.

Though Professor X did not actually have to use these protocols himself, these protocols were used to help fight Onslaught/Professor X, including unique armor to help defeat him. His students and those closest to him may not have died as a result of these secret plans, but they did feel betrayed and slightly uncomfortable that the Professor spent much of his time thinking of different ways to kill them should the need arise. These protocols have also almost fallen into the wrongs hands, and have been activated several times since their discovery.

1 All New X-Men and the X-Men

Known for being a mentor and wanting to teach mutants to control their powers and work for the greater good, Professor Xavier created a team of the X-Men. In a What If: The X-Men Died on their First Mission, both of his teams, the New X-Men and the X-Men died in Krakoa. How is this different from the original storyline? Well, in this What If storyline, Professor X was linked to each and every member of the team that was sent on that ill-fated mission. The Professor feels each of their deaths in excruciating detail. This sends the Professor into a depression and he has difficulty maintaining who he is.

Beast was the only member of the X-Men left to help him find purpose in his life, which he does eventually find after Beast creates a rag-tag team of left-over X-Men. This reality actually may have worked out better for the Professor, as he did not have to erase the memories of people and ultimately betray the people closest to him.


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