Lionsgate UK Seeking Big Names for Remake of 'The Professionals'

The big screen adaptation of The Professionals, based on the cult 1970s action series about two British spies, starts shooting this fall. Now, Lionsgate UK, the studio producing the film, has revealed some of the big stars on its wish list for the movie.

So, who does Lionsgate want in the cult-favorite roles of  CI5 agents Bodie and Doyle? The same guys that usually get the call for this type of roles.

According to Deadline, Lionsgate would like to have Tom Hardy, Gerard Butler, or Jason Statham in the two lead roles. All three actors are noted for their action work (Hardy - Inception, Butler - 300, Statham - The Expendables) and would likely deliver the goods as Bodie and Doyle. But what about their CI5 boss?

Proving the studio's high aspirations, the Deadline report also reveals that Lionsgate is seeking Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight Rises) or Liam Neeson (Taken) to play Bodie and Doyle's boss. No matter how you slice it, three of these five actors appearing together in a big budget action movie is bound to be interesting.

Director Neil Marshall (Centurion) was slated to direct The Professionals back in April of last year. At the time, Marshall said The Professionals would be "a hard-hitting action movie." Judging from the "wish list" cast, it's probably safe to say that sentiment hasn't changed.

However, it looks like Marshall may not be the man behind the camera on the project anymore. The Deadline report states that, "producer Richard Whelan is now in Los Angeles trying to lock down a director." There's no word on who Lionsgate might be interested in to direct the film.

The Professionals film will tread familiar territory as similar action movies. Deadline's plot outline for the film says the movie will be an "origin story, showing how ex-Spec Ops mercenary Bodie and counter-terrorism detective Doyle unite to work for covert UK security unit CI5." For the record, the CI5 isn't a real thing.

This one goes out to all you British Screen Rant readers out there who remember The Professionals TV series. What do you guys think of Lionsgate UK's wish list for this film? Who of the five actors would you  like to see in the final movie.

Source: Deadline

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