Production On ‘FlashForward’ Halted

As the weeks pass and news continues to roll in about the ABC drama, FlashForward, it becomes harder to imagine those 137 seconds seen by folks around the world from April 29th, 2010 coming to fruition. Today we can add more bad news to the ever-growing pile, as production on the freshman series has been shut down.

Fans need not worry, as this break in production is not permanent. "How not permanent" you ask? Well,  production is already scheduled to resume on Monday. Still, the question needs to be asked; what’s the reasoning behind the break, even if it is short?

If you listen to ABC, they’ll happily tell you that everything is going according to plan and that the production schedule was designed for such breaks.

“They started production early so that they could have the luxury to do this. They want to maintain the high quality of the show, and this gives the writers the opportunity to do so.”

While that sounds completely reasonable, could there be more to it? This news of a production hiatus comes only days after Flashforward received its lowest ratings of the season (even lower than we previously reported) and a little more than a month since Marc Guggenheim left the series.

It seems that production shut downs are becoming more common over at ABC, as FlashForward becomes the third series to be put on hiatus; Cougar Town halted production on Friday (also to resume prodution on Monday) and the crew of V are still on their month-long “holiday break.”

So, it comes down to you, the fans. What are the problems with FlashForward? I have to admit that I can’t really jump in on this conversation as numerous episodes of FlashForward have begun to accumulate on my DVR, but maybe the reason for that and what’s wrong with the show are one in the same.

I like the idea of FlashForward and am intrigued by the story, but my curiosity to know the end-game only goes so far. I find watching the show more work than entertainment. So, until I find myself sick, held up in bed looking for something to watch, I think it’s going to a while before I get to the collection of episodes I have built up.

Catch the last episode FlashForward (before its winter break) December 3 at 8PM on ABC

Source: The Ausiello Files

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