Producer Talks Terminator Future & 'Salvation' Ending

Yesterday we posted about producer Dan Lin talking about the upcoming LEGO movie (as well as a movie called Gangster Squad), which came from an extensive interview the guys over at Collider did with him about everything he has on his slate for the future (15 projects!).

Since the interview was so long, Collider kindly decided to break it up into different posts, each time concentrating on different projects of Lin's. Today is the turn of the Terminator franchise, of which Lin is an exec producer (at least he was on the fourth movie). Lin talked about two major areas of interest around the franchise: the ending of Terminator Salvation, and where the franchise could be heading.

[SPOILER alert!]

Firstly he talked about the two endings of Salvation - the original one and the one they ended up going with. In case you don't know, the original ending saw John Connor die at the end and half-man-half-machine, Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), taking over as the leader of the Resistance. But not only that, to keep the Resistance going, they put the skin of Connor on the body of Marcus, so even though Connor would be dead, to the world (and to us, the audience, it'd still be Christian Bale) it would still be Connor. Crazy, huh?

But as anyone who saw the fourth movie knows, Worthington's character gives up his heart to save Connor, and the latter is still the leader at the end (the way it ends leads squarely into a sequel). Now with that little refresher to jog your memory (or perhaps it was totally new to you?), here's what Lin had to say to Collider about the ending:

"I’m happy with the way things turned out. It was a bit derivative of Face/Off, you know, when Sam Worthington’s character goes back and he comes back up as Christian Bale his face has been changed, so I think…I know we’ve all talked about who should live at the end, who should go on for the next movie but it wasn’t, in our opinion, that original ending was taken from other movies and wasn’t as fresh.”


I am one of those who was glad that they changed to the ending to what they did. Although definitely the "safer" route for the franchise, the other one is just too reminiscent of other movies (Face/Off in particular as Lin mentioned above) and comes a little too close to how they've handled Nathan's character in this season of Heroes.

In addition to the topic of Salvation's ending(s), Lin talked about the future of the Terminator franchise. We know the franchise is being sold early next year, and that appears to still be the case according to Lin. He said that the studios who are actually readying themselves to bid haven't made themselves known yet, but Warner Bros. (who released Salvation domestically, where it did far worse than it did internationally) could be one of the bidders.

As far as what the future could hold for the Terminator franchise in terms of which direction the story could go in, Lin says that from what he understands, there's NO active development on the future of the franchise. That makes sense since there's no point in putting place finite plans if it's not known who owns the rights until after the bidding in February - what if the new bidder wants to go in a whole new direction? After all, it'll be theirs to do what they like with.

For more of what Lin had to say about Terminator you can head over to Collider.

So to sum up about Terminator's future, it's obvious we won't know what's going on until someone snaps up the rights next year. I'd just like to see them continue on the story of the war with the machines in the future, and not fall back on the already done time travel storyline. Obviously (or rather, hopefully) they have to hint at time travel for continuity purposes (Connor sending his father, Kyle Reese, back in time) but we don't need another movie set back pre-war times (it's been done - three times!)

As I said when James Cameron "reviewed" Terminator Salvation recently, I'd like to see some more risks being taken, to change things up a bit as Cameron did with Terminator 2 compared to the first one. And is anyone else for a change in director from McG? Get Michael Bay in there to show him how to REALLY blow stuff up? :P ...

Thoughts on what Lin has said about the ending of Terminator Salvation and the future of the franchise in general? Are you glad they changed the ending from the original, way more "WTF?!" one? Which direction would you like to see the franchise go in story-wise?

Source: Collider

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