The Prodigy Trailer: Something is Wrong With Taylor Schilling's Son

Taylor Schilling makes her first foray into the horror-thriller genre in the trailer and poster for The Prodigy. The Orange is the New Black star has reached the end of her run as Lichfield inmate Piper Chapman, and is already moving on to new projects. "New", admittedly, is somewhat relative here; Schilling has been attached to The Prodigy for a year now, going back to when the film was still titled Descendant.

Schilling stars in The Prodigy as Sarah, a mother whose son Miles (IT's Jackson Robert Scott) starts to behave in increasingly disturbing and bizarre ways. When Sarah comes to suspect that Miles has been possessed by an evil supernatural entity, she reaches out to a unconventional therapist (Colm Feore) with experience in these matters. In doing so, however, Sarah is taken on a journey where (as the movie's synopsis words it) "the line between perception and reality remains blurry".

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Orion Pictures has released the full-length trailer for The Prodigy online, ahead of its debut in theaters with Escape Room this weekend. Check it out below, followed by the poster that dropped yesterday.

Unlike The Prodigy teaser, the official trailer explains the origin of the film's title and how it relates to Miles (spoiler: he's the "prodigy"). The full-length trailer also keeps things ambiguous, in an effort to get viewers wondering if Miles is really possessed by an evil spirit or if he's psychologically disturbed in a more grounded way. It might be for naught, though; the teaser already made it pretty clear that something supernatural is happening here and Miles isn't simply a brilliant but troubled kid. Either way, this suggests the film proper will play out as a psychological thriller where Sarah is continuously questioning her sanity and what is (and isn't) only in her mind.

It's a somewhat generic premise for a horror movie, but not necessarily a bad one. The Prodigy was also written by Jeff Buhler - an up and comer who wrote this April's Pet Sematary adaptation - and directed by Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact, The Devil's Door), so it certainly has some horror genre bonafides right off the bat. Still, the film's early February release date isn't all that encouraging and the trailers' marketing approach leaves something to be desired. We'll see how things unfold in a month, when The Prodigy arrives.

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Source: Orion Pictures

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