New 'Prisoners' Trailer Delves Deeper Into Child Abduction Mystery

Prisoners trailer 2

Prisoners- Trailer No.2

In Prisoners, Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) and his wife Grace (Maria Bello) tragically discover that their daughter and the daughter of their best friends (Terrance Howard and Viola Davis) are missing after last seeing them playing outside on a fateful winter day.

A brash young, but determined detective (Jake Gyllenhaal) is assigned to the case and quickly nabs a suspect (Paul Dano) whose creepy-looking RV had been seen near the girls' last known whereabouts. However, the detective fails to find enough hard evidence to pin him to the crime, which prompts the unconvinced Keller Dover to take extreme measures in embarking on his own personal search for the missing children.

The debut trailer for Denis Villeneuve's (Incendies) movie introduced audiences to the film's powerhouse cast, the basic plot and the intense nature of the subject matter, but this latest trailer (above) reveals more of the story and unravels more of the mystery, while shining an even brighter light on the film's emotionally riveting performances.

In fact, you could say this new trailer falls into the category of giving too much away. Though we don't find out who is truly responsible for these abductions, we get nearly all of the remaining plot points leading up to what seems to be the dramatic finale.

Prisoners trailer 2

Then again, there may be more here than meets the eye. This new trailer also shows us more of Keller Dover's personal vigilante mission - which ironically involves him becoming the kidnapper - showing us that the film may be more about the implications of his actions and how far a man is willing to go to find his own justice.

Still, these are themes we've seen plenty of times before, so we're hoping this is a thriller with a few more tricks up its sleeve. At the very least, the all-star cast should provide some powerful performances just in time for awards season.


Check out Prisoners when it hits theatres on September 20, 2013.

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