Prison Break Behind the Scenes Video: The Escape is On


Audiences are only a few weeks away from the Prison Break revival series. The show picks up seven years after the end of the original, with Michael Scofield locked in a Yemen prison, waiting for his brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and true love Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) to break him out. FOX has released plenty of teasers and posters for the new show, and there is little doubt fans will be treated to a few more in the coming weeks.

Now, a new promotional video for the show has been released, and uses interviews with Wentworth Miller to see how far Michael has come over the past 12 years.

The video is just over a minute and a half long and includes two interviews with Miller as well as footage from the early episodes of both the original show and the new sequel. The video also shows an early interview with Miller talking about his character before the show first began, along with a new interview talking about where Scofield is now -- physically and emotionally. Miller says of the character in the new series:

"Michael has been in prison, and that's changed him. While Micheal has always been a bit of a lone wolf, he has created a surrogate family. He is a master manipulator, but he's also got a huge heart, and that interferes with his agendas. His hands are dirty at this point in the story, so can he still call himself a good man? That complexity is something that I have enjoyed about the character from the beginning, and it's certainly at the forefront of his experience this time around."


These comments echo some of what Miller said in the original interview, especially about Scofield's cleverness, and his ability to manipulate. It seems that in this, Michael hasn't changed, but now he may be less sure of himself and his justifications for the things that he does.

It's interesting to see Miller revisit his character. Not only is he 12 years older, but he talks about Michael with a fantastic energy and interest. The video ends with a clip from the new show, as Michael says 'The escape is on', and it is the perfect way to close out this comparison.

While the video does a wonderful job of showcasing Miller and Michael as a character, it doesn't tell fans anything new about the series. Most of the footage included has already been seen in the previous trailers and features, as well. So although this is a fantastic watch for fans of the show, we'll just have to stay tuned for more details about the plot.


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Prison Break premieres Tuesday April 4 on FOX.

Source: FOX

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