Prison Break Treads Water, KITT Rolls On


It's been reported that the actors of Prison Break were given notice that their schedule for filming has been extended for two additional hours, and the thoughts are that these two hours are the last two hours, wrapping up the four year series.

I mean face it, it's called Prison Break. They got out... from 2 different prisons. Now if they renamed the show to "On the Lamb", or "Michaels Vengeance" or "Whistler on the Roof", maybe they could have pulled this off. Who knows.

But if you're a paranoid doom-sayer like I can be sometimes, the fact that the remaining six episodes of its 22-show order weren't on Fox's recently released schedule for mid-season just makes one wonder what's up over there in the halls of Fox. I mean they're so good at how they handle their franchises, I just can't imagine something going wrong. ... <crickets>


My Own Worst Enemy is struggling in ratings, and the network ax comes flying from the darkened shadows of the network hallways. And through it all, while Knight Rider also struggles with ratings in it's Wednesday time slot, it gets to keep on rolling. (No, I'm not bitter.)

To keep Knight Rider viable in the line-up of NBC shows, the story line is going to stop being about the terrorist of the week, and start doing more personal rescue tales, much along the lines of what made the original as popular as it was in hit's hey day.

On the down side of the show continuing, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Yancey Arias and Bruce Davison were not signed on to stay with the show past the initial 13 episodes. The network is paring down the focus of the show to just Mike (Justin Bruening), Sarah (Deanna Russo), Billy (Paul Campbell), Zoe (Smith Cho) and KITT. I think that they just want to be able to afford KITT's voice actor, Val Kilmer.

This new focus of show runner Gary Scott Thompson has been referred to as a reboot. Yea, you read me right, they called it a reboot.

So if this is a reboot of the re-imagining of the two-hour pilot reboot, what the bloody blazes does that make this? The ghost from Networks past? The Re-re-re-boot. Cripes, just rename the show "Transformers, the Prequel" and be done with it. KITT can be the first one on Earth, the forward scout. Heck, why not make KITT's chip start acting up and have him think he's a Ford Pinto at the worst times and blow up? (Nope.. not bitter.)

All joking aside, if I were to play political-favorites-guessing-game, NBC may feel like they owe Thompson for cutting his show legs out from under him when they cut Vegas in the middle of a season cliff-hanger. People want to know about Danny's and Delinda's baby, where was Coop and who finally got the casino? (Gary, remember me at Comic-Con? Take note: ) Maybe KITT can take a tour through Vegas in one episode and they can hint at some of these missing details in the background of the story! I'm not asking for the actors, just drop a clue in the script. Some folk just need closure from the mind of the source.

We can all hope, right? I mean the poor guy gets asked about this on a non-stop basis. I think he needs to put this to rest and KITT can help as he continues to roll on.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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