Wentworth Miller Pitches Insane Idea For Prison Break Season 6

With FOX's Prison Break having wrapped its revived season 5 earlier this year, lead actor Wentworth Miller has his own ideas for where the show could take Michael Scofield next.

Fitting the "jumped the shark" category at nearly every turn, Prison Break evolved far beyond its original premise in its 12-year span. Even by the end of season 2, it was easy to argue that the story of the Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows had run its course - but beyond breaking out of prison, the show still carried on. While there may be no current plans for a sixth season, it hasn't stopped Miller sharing his wild idea for a continuation.

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Taking to Instagram, the Stoker writer shared what he would do if he was in the director's chair for Prison Break season 6. No one knows what the "powers-that-be" thought of his pitch, but prepare for things to get meta - really meta.

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Prison Break was always known for its shock twists and turns - and just when bringing Michael Scofield back from the dead seemed like the craziest thing you can do, Miller pitches a whole different level of weird. Focussing on a new villain called Tag, the premise sees the brothers forced to relive every single moment from the past five season of the show. Miller's post reads:

"Tag wants to watch them re-enact PB seasons 1-5 from start to finish. Just for him. Every juicy plot twist. Every major set piece. From the prison riot to 'Sarah's' head in a box to Michael's knife fight in a Yemen desert. Yes. Tag would like that very much indeed."

Tag even hires actors to help reenact key moments from the brothers' lives, meaning dead favorites like Charles Westmoreland,  John Abruzzi, and Brad Bellick could also return to the show. However, saving audiences and FOX the trouble, surely you could just go back and watch your Prison Break 1-5 box set?

Given that Prison Break limped to the end of season 5, the show's eight-year hiatus didn't exactly have fans racing back for more. Also, tying everything in a neat bow for (another) satisfying conclusion, there is seemingly no need to resurrect Prison Break like Michael for a sixth run. Joining revivals like Heroes and Gilmore Girls, perhaps Prison Break should've stayed locked up after TV movie The Final Break in 2009? With this in mind, it seems ludicrous that anyone would tackle another season, let alone one that recaps everything that's happened so far.

While the FOX bigwigs have previously said they are open to ideas of continuing Prison Break, you can't help but think it would be a little more straightforward than Miller's particularly out-there concept. Who knows though, fans could see Michael, Lincoln, T-Bag, and Sara back on their screens before they know it.

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